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As a member of CDI you have the opportunity to be recognized for industry innovations, cutting-edge resume writing and association contributions.

CDI currently hosts three competitions in resume writing and career services:

CDI also offers three awards that members earn through their accomplishments:


Each year, CDI hosts the resume writing industry's most prestigious Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) resume writing competition. The TORI Award competition is truly the resume writer's #1 secret to explosive business growth.

CDI members are eligible and encouraged to strive for writing and creative awards, which benefit the general membership, members' clients, CDI, and the industry as a whole.

CDI introduced the TORI™ Awards to  the industry in 2000 to celebrate a new standard in excellence through rigorous criteria requirements. While award standards have always been demanding, never before has the resume writing industry embraced the concept of a standardized criteria for resume judging.





2014 offers nine (9) categories to enter! There are 45 chances to be nominated and 27 chances to win with gold, silver, and bronze awards! Read what winners and nominees have to say!

View 2000-2013 nominees and winners.


It is a great honor to be nominated, but a truly distinguishing accomplishment to be selected as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place TORI Award Winner in each category.

Imagine you woke up this morning, a morning seemingly like every other morning except for one considerable difference - today you're swamped with new resume clients who are excited to have the chance to work with you and pay your rates.

So, what's so different about today that suddenly your prospects seem to be sold before you even talk to them? Why they appear to be waiting to work with you? Why it's suddenly so much easier to gain their buy in on the higher rates you are quoting for your services?

It's not's not a course to take, a certification you need to earn, or even an ad or marketing campaign you need to develop...

It's the AWESOME power of taking home a prestigious TORI nomination or award. 

If that makes you feel skeptical, take a moment and read what winners and nominees have to say!

While winning or being nominated will change your business forever, there are big wins for ALL who enter!

Here's the thing about the TORI Award competition -- you need to throw caution to the wind and JUST DO IT! Telling yourself you are not ready, not good enough or worse, too busy, causes you to lose out on an amazing opportunity to challenge yourself, grow, learn, and even surprise yourself!

It's a loooong 365 days between each annual competition. Do you really want to wait that long to even challenge yourself and see where you rank in an anonymous review by a panel of industry top performers?

Here are seven ways you can win just by entering:

#1 - You Win and Overnight You Become a Business Success.

This one is a no-brainer, unless you discount just how much of a difference a TORI can make. Just read some of the testimonials below if you aren't sure. It's a total game-changer.

#2 - You Get Nominated for a TORI and Discover It's Better Than Any Advertising You Could Ever Do.

Believe it. You don't have to just win an award to benefit -- making the top five puts you in a class by yourself, as you will rapidly discover.

#3 - You Win Just by Studying Winners.

Success doesn't exist in a vacuum so when you prepare for the TORIs and look at former winning resumes, you help yourself see other possibilities and explore new channels for how resumes can be written and designed.

Spend some time with the TORI winning resumes and your whole idea of wording alone can be broadened immensely. It's like taking a culinary world tour (if resume were food)!

#4 - Taking a Chance Challenges You and Keeps You in the Game.

Just like studying the winners, if you look at entering as a chance to elevate your skill, reach further, and present your best of the best, then you are winning in keeping your commitment to growing in your craft alive.

#5 - Being Motivated to Go to the Next Level Charges You Up.

Ever notice when you go to a live training event you feel charged up and rejuvenated? It's because you are learning something new and that's exciting.

If you dive into the TORIs, study winners, and then look at how you can take your writing to the next level, you ARE rejuvenated. Is that a win? You bet - when you aren't tired of doing the same old thing, you are eager and alive. You and your clients win!

#6 - Solving Puzzles Builds Brain Muscles, Which Pays Off in the TORIs.

Just like games like Soduko can challenge and stimulate your brain (and keep it fresh as you age), figuring out why you don't win a TORI can be your brain-building business success puzzle (and magic bullet).

IT IS A FACT that when those who don't win sought feedback, made changes, and kept trying, they started to win at the TORIs. Many multi-time TORI winners were once entrants who previously didn't even get nominated.

Not getting nominated or getting nominated and winning is an exciting call to action to gear up and strive for the next level! Don't let not winning stop you. Accept the challenge. If you do, you really can win, and win big at that!

#7 - There are Multiple Winners Each Year.

Getting nominated for or winning a TORI works, plain and simple. Otherwise, you wouldn't see the same names entering year after year (becoming nominees and winners).

While one TORI award or nomination can (and has) made a whole career, many choose to keep pursuing those wins each year and in multiple categories.

The beauty is that with nine categories there are 45 chances to get nominated and nine chances to win. You're not vying for only one coveted award -- there is plenty of opportunity!

Take the advice of those who have come before you and cover your bases to win at this once-a-year career-making opportunity!

Sure the TORIs are a challenge - it wouldn't be a worthy competition otherwise.

Like any competition, you might have to train, learning advanced skills, studying layouts, elevating your writing - building those muscles.

Or, you might already be at a peak performance level of resume writing fitness (and maybe not even know it) ready to scoop up an award on your first try. It happens all the time; just look back over prior years and you will see many names you have never seen before!

But either way, why make excuses not to enter....? Why not take a chance at being what appears to others as an overnight success? You just never know, unless you try!


If you don't want to wait until October of NEXT YEAR for another chance to see if you are a winner and what that can do for your business and your industry reputation, then go for it now.

Commit to making time for this opportunity as it could change your life as a resume writer.


Each year, the TORI Awards Director, in tandem with the CDI Board of Advisors, selects the most applicable categories which best reflect current market trends. CDI members are welcome to contribute one (1) entry to each category.

The TORI Awards Director will ensure all submissions appear anonymous to the panel of judges so that fair and equitable judging can take place.

The first tier of judges are all certified resume writers, members of CDI’s resume certification committee, and many former TORI winners. They are responsible for selecting five nominees in each category. A second similar panel of highly-qualified and certified resume writers will then select the first, second, and third place winners in each category, leading to 60 nominees, and 36 total winners.

The 2014 TORI categories for entry include:

These are the ONLY categories available for entry this year. 

  • Best Accounting/Finance Resume - encompasses any level of accounting and/or finance professional from clerk to CPA, and up through CFO.

  • Best Sales Resume - encompasses any level of sales, business development, or producing sales management.

  • Best Information Technology (IT) Resume - encompasses information technology professionals and managers, etc.

  • Best Healthcare/Medical Resume - encompasses resumes written for medical technicians, doctors, surgeons, medical transcriptionists, laboratory staff, administrators, pharma, etc.

  • Best Executive Resume - encompasses any executive-level position in any industry.

  • Best International Resume - encompasses resumes written for any profession within a non-US market.

  • Best Creative Resume - encompasses creative-style resumes in full-color, unusual layouts, artistic writing styles, etc. Very open to interpretation.

  • Best Cover Letter - encompasses any discipline, industry, or career level.

  • Best New Graduate Resume - encompasses any discipline, industry, or career level as long as the focus is on leveraging a recent degree as the career target.

The Master List of TORI Categories from which the annual categories are selected include:

This list is displayed ONLY to show the breadth of the competition across the years. Please refer to the 2014 list above for open categories.

  • Best International Resume

  • Best New Graduate Resume

  • Best Healthcare/Medical Resume

  • Best Education/Training Resume

  • Best Legal/Law Resume

  • Best Creative Resume

  • Best Re-entry into the Workforce Resume

  • Best Federal Resume

  • Best Military Conversion Resume

  • Best Executive Resume

  • Best Information Technology (IT) Resume

  • Best Technical Resume

  • Best Web Resume

  • Best Career Change Resume

  • Best Cover Letter

  • Best Career Web Portfolio

  • Best Professional Resume

  • Best Sales & Marketing Resume

  • Best Sales Resume

  • Best Accounting/Finance Resume

  • Best LinkedIn Profile

TORIs are only open to CDI members. Entry fees range from $25-40, depending on number of categories entered.  


The registration deadline to receive entry instructions is Monday, June 16, 2014.

The entry submission deadline is Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

Just Three Easy Steps to get started:


Important New Rule for 2014: TORI entries must be created solely through your own efforts and the input of your client. However, utilizing a third-person proofreader is acceptable.

  1. Select what categories you plan to enter from the 2014 category list above.

  2. Register online below for the number of TORIs you plan to submit. You can start with one in order to receive the submission rules, and then add more categories before the deadline.

  3. Once registered you will receive instructions for fictionalizing, naming, saving, and submitting your resumes / cover letter.

Refunds will not be issued should you opt not to enter a purchased category after registering or submit after the deadline.

Nominations and winners will be announced via email prior to the 2014 Summit.

Login and click on TORIs in the left menu to read FAQs.


You must be a member to register. To first become a member, go to CDI's join page.

You can save, and increase your chances to win, when you purchase multiple category entries at one time! 

For initial annual TORI purchases made at any one time*:

When you buy 1-2 total categories = $40 each

When you buy 3-6 total categories = $30 each

When you buy 7-9 total categories = $25 each

Cart will automatically calculate the discount based on number entered. Please remember there are only nine categories.


Already purchased categories this year and want to enter more*?

Additional Categories - Buy each at $35.00


* Rates will not be adjusted for categories entered after the initial TORI registration purchase. Refunds will not be issued should you opt not to enter a purchased category after registering or submit after the deadline. Please plan your time during the several months available for TORI registration and entry to meet the deadlines.

CDI membership is a prerequisite for registration. For more information on membership visit the Join page.



This competition will again be

held in either 2015 or 2016.



Welcome to the first-ever World’s Best Resume Writer competition. This competition has all-new parameters:

  1. Open to any English-writing resume writer in the world, non-members included.

  2. Diverse judges panel consisting of HR managers, Sr. recruiters, OD specialists, and certified resume writers. (see list below).

  3. Unique standardized content on one subject where everyone creates a new resume based on content provided. Target client: sales & sales management professional.




After winning CDI’s World’s Best Resume Writer Award my business has simply exploded. There's no other way to describe it."

  - Cliff Flamer,

     BrightSide Resumes



Each registrant can contribute only one (1) entry. The deadline for entry has been reached.

The Awards Committee Director will ensure all submissions appear anonymous to the panel so that fair and equitable judging can take place. The panel will select first, second, and third place winners. Winners were announced on March 1, 2009. Awards, certificates, and logos were sent to winners.

Learn more about the WBRW Competition - Listed to the Q&A Recording:

MP3 File

Again, this competition is currently not open. We will post information when it is again available.


Distinguish yourself by being selected as a first, second, or third place winner of the World’s Best Resume Writer competition. No other opportunity of this scope has ever existed for professional resume writers. Attaining this accolade will truly allow you to benchmark to your prospects and clients that you are the best of the best worldwide.


Similar to our other award programs, you will:

  • Participate in a fun and competitive venue for judging the quality of your craft against national and international standards with a highly esteemed panel of judges.

  • Receive a copy of CDI's Resume Writing Guide, a 66-page instruction manual (a $39.95 value).

  • Attain recognition amongst your peers.

  • Represent your services to potential customers as the "best of the best."

  • Leverage media publicity for your achievement(s).

  • Receive a prestigious WBRW award and appropriate website / print graphics for marketing, advertising, and promotion.

  • 1st place winner will receive a 1-year CDI membership ($180 value).

A second chance to be #1! CDI will host a public choice competition between the top three resumes through and The public will choose their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. A separate set of winner certificates and logos will be issues.

Again, this competition is currently not open. We will post information when it is again available.

Again, the World’s Best Resume Writer competition is open to both members and non-members. Neither membership or certification as a resume writer are required. One entry fee per person at $39.95 US (includes a copy of the CDI Resume Writing Guide, a $39.95 value).

You can register at the CDI cart ( Just select the World’s Best Resume Writer competition category at the top of the page to get started. Be sure to accurately enter your contact information so that CDI can contact you with your candidate profile.

Once registered, you will receive the candidate profile in 24-48 business hours. You will use this profile from which to write your award-winning resume. Submission instructions will be included.

The entry deadline has passed!

Our judges are made up of Human Resource Manager, Organizational Development Specialists, Recruiters, Association Career Center Managers, and Certified Resume Writers:

Brian McComak, MSM, PHR - Director, Human Resources, L’Oreal

Amy Clem - Sr. Recruiter, Volkswagen

Barbara Safani, CMRW, CPRW, MA, BA, NCRW, CCM – Career Solvers / Fast Track Transition Career Research

Vera Morales - Regional HR Director, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Darlene Dassy, CMRW, CARW, BBA – Dynamic Resume Solutions

Joe Sabrin - EVP/Founder -

Tina Kashlak, PHR, BA - Regional HR Manager, Pacific Sunwear of California

Laura Labovich, MLRHR, CFRW, CARW – A & E Consulting, LLC

Marta Hayes-Trice - Sr. Manager, Career Services – American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Services, Inc.

Tony Deblauwe, CIJSE, MA, MCD, MHROD, CLC, CEC – HR4Change (and Citrix)

Robin Schlinger, CARW, CFRW, CECC, BSChE, CFRWC - Robin’s Resumes

Lynn M. Lorenz, SPHR, MBA, MA - HR Goddess, LLC

Delia Troy - VP, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Operations - Beeline

Dave Guerra – CEO, Corpus Optima

Diane Long - Manager & Regional Practice Leader, Kelly Services, HR Consulting

Laura Drew - Carolina Career Coach, CIJSE

Judges are bound by confidentiality and have no knowledge of the authors whose resumes they are reviewing due to the blind evaluation process. Contacting of judges by a participant before, during, or after the competition will result in termination of participation from this and future CDI competitions.

Again, this competition is currently not open. We will post information when it is again available.

All professional resume writers who write in English are eligible to enter the World’s Best Resume Writer competition. Membership in CDI is NOT required. Certification as a resume writer is not required.

Only one (1) submission will be accepted per registrant. Please make sure your first submission is the correct one.

Submissions must be received no later than 12:00 PM US Pacific Time (midnight) November 1, 2008. Any submissions received after this date will not be considered.

Winners will be announced March 1, 2009. Awards, logos, and certificates will be conferred via mail.

Winners are required to display award logos on their website homepage (when winners have a website) with an active link to the CDI website. Winners understand they forfeit their awards should this be removed.

Editing, tampering with or using a logo without permission will result in revocation of the award. Depending on the scope of the infraction, further actions may be taken by CDI including legal action and/or revocation of membership.

A one-time registration fee of $39.95 is required to participate, which will assist us in covering the expense of awards, shipping, and administration. Registrants will receive all submission instructions and guidelines along with the candidate profile via email. Registrants will also receive the 66-page CDI Resume Writing Guide, a $39.95 value.

Once candidate profile is emailed (within 24-48 business hours), no refunds are available unless the entire World’s Best Resume Writer program is cancelled due to extenuating circumstances with CDI.

The Awards Committee Director will ensure all submissions appear anonymous to the panel so that fair and equitable judging can take place. The panel will select first, second, and third place winners from the entries received.

Failure to follow these and other submission guidelines will result in elimination from the competition. The volume of submissions makes it impossible for the Award Committee Director to grant special provisions for those not following instructions.

No refunds will be made available for registrants not submitting their entries. Registrants each receive a copy of CDI’s Resume Writing Guide, a $39.95 value.

Once you are registered, you will receive via email:
  1. Client profile in MS Word (.doc) for a job seeker who is a specialist in sales and sales management. The content will include both relevant and irrelevant client data, similar to what you might have seen in a resume writing certification process. (See 'About the Resume Project' below for more information on the project).

  2. Submission guidelines on how to name and save the resume file along with instructions for using the online system.

  3. Code number for naming your resume (to ensure we can match your submission to your registration).

While the CDI Awards Committee wanted to create a competition that was challenging, they also wanted it to be fair, representing a job seeker and job target that would be familiar to virtually all candidates. With that in mind, the category of revenue-producing retail sales manager was selected (or retail sales manager with individual sales responsibility).

The Notes file, which you will receive after registering, includes 5.5 pages (8.5 x 11") of structured and detailed information on:

  • Job objective.
  • Areas of expertise.
  • Talents and strengths.
  • Employment history including sections on: products/services, challenges, and responsibilities coupled with results produced.
  • Education.
  • Volunteer work.
  • Hobbies.
VIEW A SAMPLE OF THE NOTE FILE YOU WILL RECEIVE (sample is a PDF). This is a sample only; not the complete resume note file for entry into the competition.

To open a PDF, you need a free copy of Adobe Reader.


President's Choice Award for Career Excellence

Each year, the association President selects the individual who has made the most significant contribution to the association and the careers community for this distinguished award.


  • 2003: Anne Kramer, Alpha Bits
  • 2004: John Donovan, CRS Resume Service
  • 2005: Freddie Cheek, Cheek & Associates, LLC
  • 2006: Don Skipper, Career Beginnings, Inc.
  • 2007: Barbara Safani, Career Solvers
  • 2008: Susan Guarneri, Assessment Goddess; Camille Roberts, CC Career Service; Nona Pratz, Types Write; Laura Labovich, A & E Consulting, LLC
  • 2009: Laura Drew, Carolina Career Coach; Robin Schlinger, Robin's Resumes
  • 2010: Susan P. Joyce,; Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing
  • 2011: Susan P. Joyce,; Pat Schuler, The Gemini Resources Group
  • 2012: Audrey Prenzel, Resume Resources; Amy L. Adler, Five Strengths Career Transition Experts; Robin Schlinger, Robin's Resumes; Pat Schuler, The Gemini Resources Group










Career Directors International Lifetime Achievement Award

CDI offers a distinguishing Lifetime Achievement Award recognition to any career or resume professional who attains excellence through industry longevity, contribution, and lifelong learning.

Required criteria:

  • Industry Longevity: Member of the professional resume writing or career services community for a minimum of ten (10) years and a member of CDI for a minimum of three (3) years.

  • Certification: Earn and maintain the Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW) and/or Master Career Director (MCD) credential.

  • Awards & Recognition: Earn a minimum of two TORI nominations or one TORI award* in the last three (3) years or be nominated for or win one Career Innovator award*.

* In lieu of an award, the following may substitute:

  • TORI Judge - 2 years

  • Earn two additional CDI certifications, not listed in any of the other award criteria. (Certs available)

  • CDI Committee Director - 1 year

  • Author approved CDI blog posts (blog coming soon) - 100

  • Win CDI President’s Award

  • Producing approved CDI Presentation (Teleclass, Webinar, Summit) - 1

  • Create approved CDI Best Practices Tip Sheets - 2

  • Continuing Education: Complete a cumulative 45 hours of industry training such as conference attendance or teleclasses over the past four (4) years. Must include at least one CDI course/certification or Annual Summit.

  • Industry Contribution: Sit on a CDI committee for the past one (1) year with approved active participation in at least one major project (course, certification, survey and report).

The Career Directors International Lifetime Achievement Award will be conveyed once per year at our Annual Convention Banquet to all those members who have met the criteria. Members not in attendance will still be recognized and conveyed this prestigious award and recognition.

If you believe you have met the criteria to attain this recognition, then please submit your list of criteria to by August 1st each year. 


Former recognized logos:








Recipients of the new Career Directors International Lifetime Achievement Award, created in 2011 to replace the LAAMRW and LAAMCD:

  • Sharon Williams - JobRockit - 2013

  • Robin Schlinger - Robin's Resumes® - 2013

  • Barbara Safani - Career Solvers - 2012

  • Darlene Dassy - Dynamic Résumé Solutions - 2011

  • Patricia Duckers - CareerPro Global, Inc. - 2011

Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award as the Master Resume Writer Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Gillian Kelly, Career Edge - 2008
  • John Donovan, CRS Resume Service - 2008
  • Gayle Howard, Top Margin Resumes Online - 2007
  • Annemarie Cross, Advanced Employment Concepts - 2007
  • Susan Guarneri, Susan Guarneri Associates - 2006
  • Laura DeCarlo, A Competitive Edge Career Service, LLC - 2006

Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award as the Master Career Professional Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Tony Deblauwe, HR4Change - 2008

  • Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing - 2008

  • Don Skipper, Career Beginnings, Inc. - 2008

  • Mary Elizabeth Bradford, Career Artisan - 2008

  • Laura DeCarlo, A Competitive Edge Career Service, LLC - 2008

Career Innovator Awards

A competition to demonstrate and be recognized for your career industry innovation!

To innovate (definition from “To introduce something new or make changes in anything established.”

Are you a Career Innovator? Have you created a resource, tool, program, or initiative that has added significant value to the careers industry, either to job seekers or career professionals? Then enter CDI’s Career Innovator Awards competition.

View 2012 Career Innovator Award Nominees and Winners

View 2011 Career Innovator Award Nominees and Winners

View 2010 Career Innovator Award Winners and Nominees

View 2009 Career Innovator Award Winners and Nominees

Suggestions of possible innovation areas include:

  • Career Assessment
  • Book or e-Book
  • Training Program
  • Software, Technology and/or Web Tools/Web Resources
  • New Methodology
  • Outreach Programs.

CDI’s goal is to allow career professionals a platform to demonstrate their expertise, innovation, and commitment to the careers industry. 

Our Award Committee will select up to five of the most innovative and effective of the entries for recognition. All awards will be considered equal designations of innovation and excellence as contributions to the industry.





"Receiving Career Innovator Awards (in 2009 and 2010) has helped me to feel more empowered as a career management industry leader and to sell to my prospects as such." 

   - Evelyn Salvador, Creative Image

*   *   *


"What an honor to be a recipient of CDI's Career Innovator Award. My co-winners Deb Dib and Chandlee Bryan have proudly displayed the award online and off as a symbol of our commitment to advancing the wonderful field of career management!

- Susan Whitcomb, author,

speaker, trainer -


Demonstrate your innovation as a career professional by being selected as one of the most innovation implementations.


This competition will allow you to distinguish yourself as an expert who is committed to making a difference to job seekers and the industry.


Winning a Career Innovator Award is an outstanding way to gain press and recognition -- positioning you to grow either in your current job as a career professional or in expanding your business as you build further awareness for your level of excellence. Who wouldn't want to work with or promote a career professional who is recognized for innovating in the industry?



There are no award categories or segmentation to avoid limiting the areas in which people are innovating and creating.

Evaluate the suitability of your program, service, tool, or site using the four following questions:

  1. Do you have the right to the innovation? Is it solely your innovation or are you willing to recognize everyone who has contributed to your innovation? Can you attain signatures from contributors agreeing to the submission for the innovation? This is required for entry.

  2. Is your innovation unique or a variation of something that already exists? Either is acceptable if you can demonstrate how your entry is different and innovative. 

  3. Are you willing to make your full innovation available for evaluation by seven judges? (Judges have signed agreements to limit their use to the innovation to this evaluation only). Unwillingness to allow full access such as login to an online system or a copy of a book for up to seven judges makes it impossible to consider.

  4. Do you have evidence that your innovation has had a positive impact on the industry? You will need to provide at least three testimonials from end users.

If your innovation is an idea and has not been completely brought to market with testimonials, it is not suitable for entry.

  1. Select the innovations you wish to enter (you can enter as many as you want as separate entries, simply make sure that each is unique from the others).

  2. Register online for the number of entries you plan to submit. Each entry is $49.95.

  3. Follow the instructions you will be emailed for submitting each innovation which includes completion of a questionnaire about the innovation. 

  4. If you have previously entered an entry two times in the past, unless there has been substantial redevelopment, you may want to reconsider entering it a third time.

  5. Submit the innovation no later than 5:00 PM Pacific on Friday, June 29, 2012.

The competition is open to CDI members only.

Members can submit as many innovations as desired but must pay registration fees for each one and submit them separately. Make sure each entry is unique.

Entries which have previously received an award are not eligible for reentry.

All entries must meet the guidelines listed above. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. No refunds will be made.

Instruction Questionnaires that are supplied upon registration must be filled out in their entirety.

Entries must be self-contained and complete. The judges will not be available for tours or other demonstrations. Full access to the product, tool, or materials must be available for seven judges. Supplemental marketing material or demo videos may be included. Nothing will be returned.

Submissions must be received no later than 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Friday, June 29, 2012. For mailed innovations, send seven copies of your innovation. NOTE FOR SHIPPING: Choose a method that guarantees delivery to CDI no later than June 29, 2012.

Winners will be announced via email prior to the 2012 Summit.

Winners are required to display award logos on their website homepage or credentials page (when winners/nominees have a website) with an active link to the CDI website. It is understood that recognitions are forfeited if this is not carried out or the logos are removed.

A one-time registration fee of $49.95 per entry is required to participate, which will assist us in covering the expense of awards, shipping, and administration. Registrants will receive all submission instructions and guidelines via email.

This competition is not anonymous; we believe it is impossible to control anonymity when judging existing products that might be highly visible in the marketplace or have a name / company name affixed to them.

No refunds will be made available for registrants not submitting their entries.

Failure to follow these and other submission guidelines will result in elimination from the competition.

The volume of submissions makes it impossible for the Award Committee Director to grant special provisions for those not following instructions.

Don't wait! Remember, the deadline for entry is 5:00 PM, Friday, June 29, 2012.


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