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"As a result of CDI, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry. In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue!"  

- Angie S. Jones, Haute Resume & Career Services LLC

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"This month is my best ever. Two of the biggest things this year that affected my business included attending the CDI conference and signing up for a CDI mentor."

- Laurie Berenson, Sterling Career Concepts, LLC





Attention: Resume Writers…Career Coaches, Counselors, Career Professionals… Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs…

Are you ready to reshape the career you love?

Play at the very top of your game?

Do more of what energizes you?


CDI is the community you have been looking for if:


1.     You are tired of reinventing the wheel, working in isolation, or maybe even struggling.

2.     You know there is so much more you could be doing for yourself and your clients.

3.     You are looking for someone to lead the way and a place to make change happen.  


WE HELP YOU FLY HIGHER...because success isn't just for job seekers!


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