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Welcome to CDI! Here you can explore benefits offered to our members:

CDI resources are developed to provide career professionals with a distinctive edge in the industry.

Our goal is to save you time and energy, shorten your learning curve to success, and help you maintain your position as a Career Superhero your clients and colleagues can admire.

You simply will not find the level of inclusive services, programs, research, tools, and information elsewhere!



Your Solutions...Your Success!

Self-employed? Read a letter from CDI's President

CDI is more than a professional association... CDI is a brain trust of committed individuals who, every day, help career professionals to change their lives in very significant ways.

What is unique is that our diverse members have different goals that they each achieve with the unique and powerful venue and suite of tools offered by CDI....

... Successful Self-Employed Industry Veterans

... Struggling Start-Up Solopreneurs

... Busy University, Corporate & Military Placement Directors

... Transitioning HR & Recruiting Professionals

What has CDI done for them?

  • Successful and comfortably established 10-year career industry veteran uncovered the tools and strategies to triple her prices and get them just months after joining CDI (when she didn't realize there was even room to do so).

  • Struggling stay-at-home mom found balance, doubling her income in one year while working less than part-time and still putting her family first.

  • Overwhelmed university placement director identified immediate resources which allowed her to make her programs more structured and her graduates more successful in starting their careers.

  • Talented industry professional gained book contract after landing CDI's coveted TORI award.

  • Resume writer closed $5,800 single sale while taking advantage of a CDI job fair partnership manning a free booth.

  • Established Executive recruiter, challenged by current economy, joined CDI and immediately received face-to-face access to 800+ job seekers (free) at a CDI-sponsored event.

What's stopping you from identifying what exciting growth and success might still be waiting for you?

You may be established and think you are doing all you can do, that you are as profitable as you can be, and that you are as qualified as you need to be.

You may be starting out and unaware that what you don't know will hurt you.

What you don't know; what you're not doing is a TIME BOMB!

The careers industry is volatile and ever-changing, and no one individual can successfully keep up with all that is needed today to ensure individual, business, and ongoing client success. In fact, our members tell us they could easily spend 100, 200, even 500 hours each month just trying to stay abreast of new trends for their career services, business management, and marketing. Where do you turn, what should you learn, what do you need to know?...

It's overwhelming and frustrating, but it doesn't have to be with CDI at your side!

CDI SAVES you from the information overload. CDI saves you time and energy, shortens your learning curve to success, and helps you attain and maintain your position as the industry expert your clients and colleagues can admire. CDI positions you to break the barriers to thriving, vibrant success! 

You simply will not find the level of inclusive services, programs, research, tools, support, information, and time-savers elsewhere!

You will ALWAYS find the solutions and resources you need with CDI! At CDI, we see what you can become, even when you don't! Join Now!

Read member testimonials or continue below to review specific resources, programs, and tools you will access as a CDI member:

News & Trends

What if you could spend just 30 minutes a week to stay on top of new trends? CDI resources are cited by members as worth far more than the price of membership:

  • Career Industry Expert Trends Research Reports (surveys and pertinent information on new trends in resume writing, compensation, legal discrimination, generations, social networking, resume fraud, interviewing, background investigations, generational work issues, and more). Cited in four SHRM newsletter articles.

  • Weekly Career Bytes e-Newsletter filled with industry news, resources, free web tools, publishing opportunities, business tips, etc.








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Superhero Gear

CDI rotates issues with feature articles and career and business newsbytes to ensure that newsletters are not too long.


Feature article newsletter samples:


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Newsbyte newsletter samples:

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Business Resources (more info)

Self-employed or want to be? CDI offers the tools and resources you need to do it right the first time and accelerate your path to success:

  • Sales & Marketing resources

  • Personal & Business Management resources

  • Business Forms & Contracts.

Career Service Tools (more info)

Looking for an industry dictionary or comprehensive grammar resource? Need advice or resources for student transition or interviewing? CDIís resource database is the best place to look:

  • PowerPoint Presentations (reproducible)

  • MP3 Audio tip recordings

  • Resume Writing resources including Ask the Expert database

  • Recruiting resources

  • Career Assessment resources

  • College to Career Transition resources

  • Federal Employment resources

  • Job Search resources

  • Interviewing resources.

Competition & Award Programs

Do you want to demonstrate your expertise and gain recognition as a top performer? CDI award-winners will tell you that both nomination and winning one of our prestigious awards is the single best thing you can do to build your business:

Educational Teleclasses & Audio On Demand

What do you need to know? With an industry that changes and expands daily, itís important to stay up-to-date with new trends and best practices. CDI is proud to offer the largest number of free and low-fee calls/webinars available in the industry along with a variety of courses and programs:

Publishing Opportunities (more info)

Are you looking for more ways to get your name out and further enhance your professional reputation and client inquiries? CDI offers opportunities such as:

Marketing Tools & Media Programs (more info)

What if you could build awareness for your services, your business, and your expertise? CDI has marketing plans, templates, and registered industry holidays that provide you with the ability to launch a full-scale media and marketing campaign:

Annual Conference

Would you like to participate in a high-energy conference that is as much a learning opportunity as it is a fun themed vacation in the middle of an exciting city? CDIís conferences are always held in the Ďheartí of the action, have programs suitable for all career professionals, and are considered to be the industry's only clique-free conference:

Client Communication Support

Do you wish you had the time to keep in touch with your clients? CDI offers:

  • Client Newsletter Templates with news, articles, tips, layouts, and photos you can use (downloadable in MS Word).

Certifications & Courses (more info)

Wouldnít it be wonderful to have a one-stop destination for all your training and certification requirements? CDI stays on top of industry trends and creates self-paced educational programs that ensure you gain the expertise you need:

International Employment Resources (login required)

Do you work with international clients or turn them away because you donít have the tools and/or knowledge to assist them? CDI offers diverse and comprehensive resources including an International Expert database to assist you:

  • International Expert database

  • Comprehensive job board and international resource listing for over 30 countries

  • Resources by Country for resume writing, employment, and job search

  • Ask the International Expert call & MP3.

Global Member Communications, Networking &

Volunteer Programs (some login required)

Can you imagine having a global network of career professionals just an email or call away? CDIís global membership makes it possible to find any answer you need:

CDI Chat - marketing, business & client topics

CDI Resume - resume & document development topics

CDI Career - career services & coaching topics

CDI Web Site Exposure (some login required)

Could you benefit from opportunities not only to learn and grow with your professional association but to gain business leads as well? CDI offers many ways to maximize your visibility and value:

Industry Program & Service Discounts

Looking for complementary programs, research tools, or business-building resources? Visit CDIís Service Provider database for programs and savings opportunities for members only:

Superhero Gear

Do you want to show off your Superhero spirit? Then check out CDI's Superhero Career Gear:



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