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  - Sherry Mirshahi, Interview Roadmap

* * * * *

"Thank you so much for all that you give to CDI members. Since joining CDI I’ve implemented your strategies, guidance and tools, along with other key steps, which included launching a new and optimized website. As a result, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry. In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue! I certainly couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without your support and guidance. You are AMAZING!"

  - Angie S. Jones, Haute Resume & Career Services LLC

* * * * *

“Since I read Laura’s (CDI President) tips a month ago on the CDI website, I have increased my closing ratio from 50% to 95% while increasing my prices at the same time!!!!! She provides amazing advice and strategies that involve speaking to the client and understanding their fears. I cannot say enough great things about utilizing the resources we have available in CDI!”

  - Angie Maizlish, First Impressions

* * * * *

“This month is my best ever. Two of the biggest things this year that affected my business included attending the CDI conference and signing up for a CDI mentor. So many changes have come out of those two things. It’s great.”

  - Laurie Berenson, Sterling Career Concepts, LLC

* * * * *

"CDI offers crazy insane value. You are the Steve Jobs of career and resume associations. You could take it down seven notches and still be superior."

- Bryan Lubic, San Diego State University

* * * * *

"Laura and CDI represent the strongest, the most innovative, and the most enduring professional presence in the Resume Writing & Career Coaching universe."

- Grant Cooper - CARW, Strategic Resumes / Career Pro of New Orleans

* * * * *

"When it comes to providing full support for career coaches and resume writers, Laura DeCarlo and Career Directors International stands head and shoulders above the rest. She has a great talent for staying ahead of the industry and provides everything from webinars (many of them free), to certifications, to valuable on line resources, to the best conference anywhere (and I've been attending conferences since 1994)."

  - Don Orlando, The McLean Group

* * * * *

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering FREE teleseminars through CDI. I’ve found the calls extremely professional, insightful, and jam packed with valuable information. I’ve paid for many a teleseminar and received far less ROI. CDI makes a huge difference! Kudos for offering great topics and exceptional presenters.”

  - Sari Neudorf, SDN Consulting

* * * * *

“I had to write and thank you for the fantastic teleclass: Overcoming Your Money Hang-ups. Every CDI teleclass I’ve done so far has been extremely helpful and relevant to my career as a resume writer, but this one was a revelation…it blew my socks off! So thank you so much for this amazing teleclass. I know it will affect me in many areas of my life from now on. It would have been worth twice what I paid for my yearly CDI membership, only it was free! So thank you...”

  - Lorraine Wright, 21st Century Resumes

* * * * *

"Testimonial to Laura's 98% close rate techniques:

If you haven’t already read Laura’s article on successfully closing sales, available on the CDI website, I suggest doing so. I can’t tell you how much the change in my attitude has affected my sales closure success.

I had a gentleman call this morning and by the time I was done explaining to him why this was too important and too difficult to do himself, he asked me if I’d help him if he had as much as a couple of thousand dollars to invest. He was thrilled when I told him it would only be between $400 and $500. Long story short, he was ready to plunk the money on the table.

Laura’s guidance has had more of an impact on growing my business than anyone else in the business. I still remember our discussion when she convinced me to raise my rates. I’ve now had clients invest as much as $800 in career services, and that’s in a small city with a 4% unemployment rate and where my previous competitors charged $75 (for a resume and cover letter)."

  - Angie S. Jones, Haute Resume & Career Services LLC

* * * * *

"For Over 11 Years, Laura D. has collaborated the best and the brightest Career Professional Super Stars to lead the way in teaching, supporting and championing the best practices for Resume Writers, Career Coaches and Educators who assist WORLDWIDE job seekers, and others with the best ROI in services. If you don't know, YOU'D better ask somebody via Career Directors International!!. Laura D leads the way ! ! ! !"

  - Debra Ann Matthews, Let Me Write It For You

* * * * *

“Through CDI I continue to learn and stay current on such a broad range of topics that would otherwise be nearly impossible to manage. Thank you!”

  - Jeanne Hanks,

* * * * *

No one succeeds in business operating as an island.

CDI is a very close knit, friendly and supportive group of resume writers, career coaches, recruiters, HR professionals and more who often work together to build their businesses and share information. And that’s just the people! The plethora of learning opportunities, time tested business-building strategies, annual conferences that are so pivotal for attendees that you often hear them speak of the event months later, gold standard certifications and an amazing and well respected association director…and that is truly not even scratching the surface.

There is no better way to learn and grow in your career services business then by allowing yourself the investment of being a part of a top association like CDI. I have been a member for seven years, and each year I learn more and get more involved. CDI truly feels like an extension of my business. It’s a world-class association with a big heart. You will be so glad you made the decision to join.”

  - Mary Elizabeth Bradford, The Career Artisan

* * * * *

"What an amazing call with Eric Enge for the Tactical Biz-Tech Buzz series!

I was a little concerned it would be way over my head and full of tech babble. Instead I got great nuggets of real world bottom line information in an area that can be totally overwhelming. Eric gave generously of tools and examples in a way that even the non-technical could understand (I’m proof.). Yet, he also dived deep when a listener question merited it.

If CDI were charging $50 or even $90 for these calls, my partner and I would have had half a dozen action items/tools, each of which would have been worth the fee. I know it was a really full call and it was clear people were taking a lot of value."

- Pat Schuler, Creator of KickButt Sales Training™

* * * * *


"Great work indeed on the recent pricing and packaging survey. It’s rare to see such professional work done so comprehensively. What I find interesting is how the investment in a single year’s membership and attendance at a single CDI Conference, could move so many people to higher profit levels. If this survey doesn’t convince them of their membership’s value, nothing will."

- Don Orlando, MBA, CPRW, JCTC, CCM, CCMC, CJSS, MCD, The McLean Group 

* * * * *


"I just used your resume tips for clients handout and another resume tool from the website, and I am so thrilled with the support and incredible value CDI brings to all of us! Thank you, thank you for all that you do to make it so powerful and useful for us!"


- Sally Cofer-Lindberg, Career Directions and BHC Associates, Inc.

* * * * *

"Thank you so much for leading such an amazing organization! It is a key factor in the growth and professionalism of our much-needed industry."

  - Holly Reslink, EmpowerLink, LLC

* * * * *

"I appreciate your help. I have never experienced such a wonderful organization that does so much for its members! I'm aware that the success of CDI is directly due to your efforts."

  - Donna M. Bradshaw, Career Advancement Coaching

* * * * *

“Thank you for putting together the series of free teleclasses on many pertinent topics for members.

This is exactly the kind of activity I think true learning organizations should be supporting. It gives members the benefit of others’ expertise and visibility to those doing the presentations.

So glad to see it as a regular benefit to membership.”

  - Kate Duttro, D.Ed.

* * * * *

Regarding the Master Mind discussion groups:

“To everybody who offered support in any form in my time of need, a resounding THANK YOU! You've shown me what a great group this is and what a good decision I made joining up. I'm stunned by how many people I've never even corresponded with before answered my call. CDI has just overwhelmed me. Thanks.”

  - Jack Mulcahy, Jack Mulcahy Résumé Services

* * * * *

"CDI is such a rich organization in terms of resources, collaboration and expertise. I have been doing this work for many years and have belonged to many groups but this is exceptional. Thank you."

  - Rita Carey, Ed.D., RCM Associates

* * * * *

"I just wanted to thank you for providing the free teleclasses as part of CDI's member appreciation program. I cannot begin to tell you how informative they have been, as each class has answered so many questions I have been pondering for quite some time. CDI and their dedicated panelists have truly been advocates to the industry and its members."

  - Susan Barens, Career Dynamics

* * * * *

"You've done a fantastic job in bringing CDI to the forefront of our industry. I think we (especially the old-timers) really love your down-to-earth yet very professional approach...a method of working with the members that's been lost by many of the other groups. I now regret having held out until now to join, but so glad that I'm now a member of the CDI family."

  - Dee, Duff, Document Developers

* * * * *

"After winning CDI’s World’s Best Resume Writer Award my business has simply exploded. There's no other way to describe it. To field all of this new business, we’re taking on more and more hyper-competent writers, many through recommendations from CDI’s President, Laura DeCarlo. My wife said it best as she peered over my shoulder at my ballooning email box: 'Laura DeCarlo is definitely THE go-to person.' Yup. Many thanks to Laura and CDI for giving me the opportunity to showcase my business as a top-tier organization, and for supporting its subsequent and rapid growth. Now I get the whole superhero thing with the logo."

Thanks again!"

- Cliff Flamer, MS, NCC, NCRW, CPRW, BrightSide Resumes

* * * * *

"I wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful opportunities provided through CDI. This last year I have gained more exposure through my position as National Career Fairs Regional Expert (even though the job description changed). I am very grateful to be guaranteed a place there to critique resumes provided by CDI. I have accessed the expertise of the many associates through e-chat. I have been challenged to become more professional as I learn how others operate their businesses. I have grown in knowledge as a contributing member of the CDI Research board. I am just beginning to mine the many resources on the CDI website. To be able to contact the many qualified associates is invaluable.

And you, Laura (CDI's President), excel in customer service in how quick you respond to any questions I have. I will continue my membership as a most valuable resource and I plan on attending the 2010 CDI conference for sure.

  - Judy Ware, Resumes for Careers

* * * * *

“I wanted to let you know that in starting this business, joining CDI has been the single most valuable decision I made. Thanks for all of the support. It's a wonderful organization.”

  - Ann M. Larson, The Interview Experience

* * * * *

“Reading the CDI elist, I have to say that you really do a great job of supporting your CDI members! I think it is why CDI is such a hit and why those that are a part of it become such fans – people know that it is more than just a business and that there is genuine support.”

  - Kris Plantrich,

* * * * *

“Laura, I wanted to take a moment to revisit an email I sent you a while back -- when you sent the members your 'How to close a deal with a potential client' step-by-step instructions. At the time I emailed to thank you for that incredibly valuable information that one might expect to pay a hefty sum for in a workshop or teleclass. You graciously responded saying, essentially, 'No problem, glad to do it'.

Here's the thing:

The first time I did a resume for someone was when I had an ad in a little local shopper newspaper, in the late 1970s, to 'do typing' (in the evenings, after my day job). It was literally typing, on a big old Smith Corona manual typewriter. Someone called and wanted their resume retyped. I wasn't sure what a resume was then.

In the early '80s, having moved to a small town in Vermont, I began a more serious 'typing' service, with which I semi-supported myself (along with a slew of other little jobs…it was a ski town, that's how people made livings). My ads generated a steady stream of people who wanted resumes. Something about resumes appealed to me but I had no idea of how to make them, and -- there was almost no help anywhere. This was pre resume association; pre everything. I had Yana Parker's Damn Good Resume Guide and a book by Tom Jackson and that was it. So, I've been doing this a long time, since well before any formalized certification or support 'groups' existed, learned all on my own (with Yana and Tom), sweated blood for many years working it all out, reinventing one wheel after another after another, always in solitude. 

And then I found you! 

You're like a genie sitting atop an open chest of gold saying, 'Come on in! Take some! '

I'm a member of the other well-known groups, too, but -- there's no comparison between what they offer and what you offer. So, because I started in this profession long ago, before you came along, I'll always be in awe of you (like I'll always be in awe of the Internet... and blow dryers ... and tv remote controls). Because I remember when those things didn't exist, and I know how much easier they, and you, have made life. I'm extremely appreciative of what you do. You turned a basically solitary profession into a fun, supportive, rich world of knowledge and comradeship.

You're awesome!”

  - Terrie Wilson

* * * * *

"CDI offers the most services of ALL the associations and yet retains the friendly, fun, folksy, warm and fuzzy feeling."

  - Gayle Howard, You Need a Resume

* * * * *

“I am TOTALLY impressed; I’m a member of other groups and NOT ONE offers the online resources that CDI provides (and I never ever received a holiday card – Thank you).”


  - Winifred A. Winston, CPRW, The Career Center, University of


* * * * *

“I just signed up a new client for my signature 6-module career navigation program for double my previous price thanks to COIN. The COIN program, CDI Summit, and CDI MP3 teleseminars have been instrumental in building my knowledge and confidence. As a result, things have really gained momentum for my business. I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT CDI.”

  - Maureen Farmer, CHRP, CRS, Word Right Career & HR Consulting

* * * * *

“I highly value my membership in CDI and have found it to be one of the best professional organizations with which I ever been involved. Thank you for providing such a valuable and practical resource to our career development community!”

  - Gloria L. Hess, Gloria L. Hess & Associates

* * * * *

"CDI represents the best intersection between best practices in the careers industry and member support. As a CDI member, I have access to a wealth of resources that are hard to duplicate in any other professional careers association. I have recommended CDI to many of my business associates, and will continue to do so."

  - Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume

* * * * *

"The resources that CDI makes available to its members are innumerable and constantly ongoing. It does not use a theoretical approach to career coaching and resume writing; but rather a street smart practical approach enabling its members to increase their bottom line while providing the absolute best in customer service for their clients.

How is this accomplished? Through its invaluable staff providing cutting edge tools to its membership: a solid business entrepreneurship program, nationally recognized certification programs for resume writing and career coaching, one of the top resume writing competitions nationwide, a member community network where important information and best practices can be shared, and teleseminars providing helpful resources and the latest trends in the industry. This is only a sampling of what's offered to CDI’s membership.

Time is money. We've all heard that. But how much is an organization worth where its staff and membership can offer to a new member one small piece of advice enabling that person to utilize respected industry experience and not go down the wrong road wasting hundreds if not thousands of hours and the lost income associated with it? It's not hard to see exactly how powerful it is having this type of advice and the resources that accompany it every day or even every week from some of the industry’s top professionals!"

  - David Smith, Interview Success Made Easy

* * * * *

“I just wanted to say that even though I have only been a member for a week or so I am VERY pleased with the group already. There is a great cohesiveness here and everyone works together for the benefit of the each other, there really isn’t that each man for himself mentality and I love that. In addition, the resources and information you supply is amazing.”

  - Jessica Holbrook, Great Resumes Fast

* * * * *

"From the first moment I 'met' you (Laura DeCarlo) via CDI's phone service, you have been just great. I can always hear the smile in your voice and I have always felt that I was the most important person in the world when you were speaking with me (a great gift you possess)! You are an amazing leader, visionary, caretaker and friend to all of us - big, big job and you do it with such grace."

  - Sally Cofer-Lindberg, CPCC & CPRW Career Directions

* * * * *

"I joined CDI two short months ago after much prompting from a colleague. I decided to take the CEIC course. I have taken three modules and I can already see the face of my business changing! I am stunned beyond belief! I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks bring and to those who are sitting on the fence, I say, <Get off already, and join. Things can only get better!>"

  - Patti Rock, Hoff Resumes & Career Counseling Services

* * * * *

"I want to thank CDI for all the assistance I have received through the discuss groups. For instance:

Laura DeCarlo said, 'On, is available. I would jump on buying that name because it is less limiting than the other one you are considering.'

Tessa Weeks, NCRW, suggested a web/graphic designer who she said was 'helpful and easy to work with'.

These are just a few of the great action suggestions from CDI and its members that have let me move forward to make my dream comes true of starting this business. I'm sure that at this time and without CDI membership, I might be sitting watching TV. However, with the help of the CDI family, a big achievement has been added to my career -- that of launching my first business website and my personal blog. Thank you CDI!

  - Mohammed Al-Taee, PMP,

* * * * *

"I have only been a member of CDI for a week now and I am so glad I came across the organization online. I've been reading articles and listening to audio conversations all week and it's been so informative and interesting.

Though I've worked in H.R. and outplacement for years, I'm just starting out as a business owner in the field. For someone like me with lots of questions and start-up queries, CDI has been amazing so far."

  - Aisling Lynch, A.L. Career Services

* * * * *

"I am so glad I joined CDI as the benefits are incredible. I learn something new every day through the member's network (those experts who are highly regarded in their fields). The daily collaboration and support everyone offers each other to reach success is truly remarkable." 

  - Linda Panaro, Metacareers

* * * * *

"Thanks. I just wanted to let you know I make sales because of my participation on CDI committees. I closed one yesterday – the client said – I chose you because you are 'all over the Internet – you serve on so many committees and boards.' It was a very substantial sale."

  - Robin Schlinger, CARW, CFRW, Robin's Resumes®

* * * * *

"It's been a little more than two years since I joined CDI and I must say that it has been the best thing I've ever done for my business. The educational resources, professional relationships, and subcontracting opportunities have enabled me to rapidly build my business from a small sideline practice into a thriving operation with a steady flow of business. When I hear people in other businesses complain about how slow things are, I simply can't relate.


CDI is the 'Ivy League' of career organizations yet it has that small college feel. If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, join today and get certified.


  - Tom Albano, All Star Career Services

* * * * *

"This audio <Profiting from Career Fairs> was excellent. Lots of valuable information. As a newer member It seems like every time I go to the CDI website I am pleasantly surprised with the content of available resources."

  - Michael G. Kelly,

* * * * *

I wanted to thank you because the CDI community is truly amazing. Two of the people who are writing columns for my website are from CDI.  My mentee, who is also a member, did a podcast for my web site.  It’s just a great group of folks and I appreciate you providing the space for community!”

  - Aricia LaFrance, Professional Parenting Coach

* * * * *

“CDI was highly recommended to me when I was looking for a professional association to join. You and your organization have proven to be exceptionally helpful - way beyond any professional association I have ever belonged to before and far more than I ever expected. Every day, I learn so much from CDI.”

  - Rivkah Lambert Adler, Ph.D.

* * * * *

“Since I'm still building my business, I've been availing myself of the marketing articles on the CDI website and it's a goldmine of information that is on point and essential.”

  - Darlene Craven, Trailblazing Career Services

* * * * *

“After walking through the Members Only section of the site, I cannot believe the amount of information provided by this association.”

  - Holly Reslink, Leadership Resumes / Career Biography

* * * * *


"I am a huge fan of the CDI teleclasses. 

Initially, I started listening in as a networking tool to meet other career professionals. I have quickly discovered that CDI teleclasses are having a profound impact on my business. I hang up from every teleclass with at least one nugget of information that I can share with my clients.

More importantly, each call has provided me with at least one money making idea to help grow my business. For a new company, revenue is everything. 

I can honestly say that these teleclasses have paid for the annual membership dues."


  - Laura Labovich, A & E Consulting, LLC

* * * * *

“I have spent at least two hours reviewing the CDI website and downloading materials for use with my practice. I must admit, I've been impressed with CDI from the moment I received access to the Members section of the website! My CDI membership dues was the best investment I've made for my business to date! I'm SO GLAD I joined CDI!!”

  - Cheryl Haynes, Effective Engagement Career Solutions

* * * * *

"I need information I can use quickly and reliably. Between all the professional e-newsletters I subscribe to, I actually look forward to CDI CareerBytes. In every issue I know I will find something I can put into practice right away, or explore topics I can research further or discuss within the CDI community. CDI CareerBytes provides the feature rich content I need to help me be a better practitioner. Thanks CDI!"

  - Tony Deblauwe HR4Change

* * * * *

“I can't begin to express how grateful I am to be a member of CDI. It all began several years ago when as a new member I tried to get my resume certification. I didn’t realize how much I would learn from that process! Now I pass on what I have learned to my happy and satisfied clients.

Since that time I have had the honor of being involved with CDI as a committee member and as a speaker at last years' CDI conference. And by the way, the CDI conference alone is worth the price of membership ten times over! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it for myself!

The opportunities to network, to learn and grow and be involved with such an outstanding organization has been invaluable to my business, my clients and myself. Thank you CDI!”

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, The Career Artisan

* * * * *

“CDI provides leading-edge career-related resources that consistently add value and credibility to the career professional’s toolbox. The member-driven client newsletter, best-in-class publishing opportunities, top-notch industry awards, and useful links to business-related resources are defining membership benefits that make CDI an industry leader.”

  - Barbara Safani, Career Solvers

* * * * *

"This organization is on the cutting edge of the career industry. As an up-and-coming career professional, I have NO reason whatsoever to go to any other association to gain a credential. CDI is all I need to position myself as a highly sought-after professional in my field. I am fortunate to be a part of this top-notch membership."

  - Darlene Dassy, CMRW, BBA - Dynamic Resume Solutions

* * * * *

"As a 'one-man-band' business one rarely get an opportunity for 'gossip around the water cooler' or to share ideas, or swap stories and techniques with colleagues. CDI, to me, is a direct pipe to that worldwide water cooler! CDI is a great place to seek advice, share similar stories and daily frustrations with people who really know the score, and be on top of industry happenings through education. It's the camaraderie, the friendships, the support and knowledge that broadens horizons for solo writers like me."

  - Gayle Howard, Top Margin Resumes, Australia

* * * * *

“I am truly thankful for such a wonderful association. The first day I gained membership, I dove right into the web site and uncovered a tremendous amount of information worth the price of membership. The resources and support I have already received is invaluable. I am enjoying all CDI has to offer and the friendly, personable service. It has been more than worth it!”

  – Jessica Sykes, Distinctive Resumes

* * * * *

“I have been a member since inception, and have benefited immensely both professionally and personally by the certifications I have achieved, business connections I have made and the colleagues I have met from around the world that I now call friends. The benefits available through CDI are worth their weight in gold”

  – Nicole Miller, Milroy Consultants, UK

* * * * *


"I just finished listening to the free recording of the "Prospering Despite a Downturn Market" teleseminar. WOW!!! An hour of my time well spent. Thanks, Laura, for giving us such an extensive list of great, mostly free, ways to market and build business. I'm glad I was keyboarding everything you said, so I didn't miss much.

You offered a number of specific things to do and places to go to get them done -- things I can get moving on right away. Some are things already on my to-do list, some are new ideas to me. A terrific push to be proactive and work through slow times. I'm all fired up and anxious to get started."
  - Meg Guiseppi, Executive Resume Branding

* * * * *

“I have been a member since inception and have nothing but praise for the organization and its leadership. The credentialing programs are excellent and the membership is outstanding and always willing and able to help out with any questions. The conventions are great and I enjoy the many resources that span the globe.”

  – Kathy Hadley, Kathryn Hadley & Associates

* * * * *

"I just wanted to take a moment to rave about the F*REE teleseminar on Prospering Despite a Downturn Market.

To think I almost missed the call! My head is spinning since the call ended. I wish I had been more prepared to take notes, because the ideas that were suggested were nothing short of brilliant. I honestly did not want the call to end. In short, I learned easy ways to increase my exposure in the market-place during a market downturn, without spending a lot of money or dumping my last dollar into advertising. I think this could be a 10-part series, and I know that I wouldn't miss a single one. 

What a great class ... thank you!"


  - Laura Labovich, A & E Consulting, LLC

* * * * *

“The bottom line is that this organization has been progressive and effective in helping us all build business, learn the nuances of many aspects of the careers trade, and develop excellent opportunities for partnerships and strategic alliances. What I particularly like about CDI  functions is the down-to-earth tone. We have fun, we network and without question we learn. That is why this is the only American-based organization I belong to: because I see the value in it.”

  – Audrey Field, Resume Resources, Canada

* * * * *

“I’ve been in the resume writing field for nearly 12 years, and CDI has been one of the very best things to help shape my business into a much more profitable and healthier firm."

  – Grant Cooper, CareerPro of New Orleans

* * * * *

“Joining CDI <PRWRA> was the first thing I did when I started doing business in the field. It was the first step in growing my business as well as cultivating relationships with other industry professionals. The resources and benefits to CDI <PRWRA> are unlimited. Without CDI <PRWRA>, my business would not be as thriving as it is. I would also have missed out on an opportunity to network with the top experts in the industry that always provide insight and knowledge on a variety of issues. All members work in a collaborative effort in support of one another. CDI <PRWRA> is by far the premier professional organization in the resume writing industry.”

  - Kristen Coria, Career Paradigms

* * * * *

“My membership with CDI <PRWRA> has helped me gain prestige for my business as a professional résumé writer; win the trust from new clients; and most of all…to share valuable information with other members from around the globe. (The more the merrier!) I’m proud to be an International Member!”

- Voula Melehes, BioGr@fix, Greece

* * * * *

“My membership in CDI has definitely worth the investment and then some. The vast and continually expanding resources are invaluable; the certifications confirm CDI’s commitment to maintaining a benchmark within the industry; and the support and camaraderie among all the members, (who are always willing to share their knowledge and experiences), is outstanding and always appreciated.”

  - Annemarie Cross, Advanced Employment Concepts, Australia

* * * * *

“Belonging to CDI <PRWRA> has helped me grow as both a resume writer and a career professional. I enjoy belonging to a professional organization where members are very encouraging, supportive, and genuinely interested in helping each other succeed. In 2005, I attended my first association conference in Las Vegas. I went to the conference not knowing anyone beyond their names from the e-list, but I left that conference feeling very empowered, enlightened, and motivated. In addition, I made friends and came away with new contracts and sound advice for business opportunities. In just three months after the conference, I gained two industry certifications and I have seen my business move to the next level. CDI <PRWRA> is truly an organization that is committed to excellence and inspires excellence in its members. I look forward to being a part of CDI <PRWRA> for a very long time. Membership does have its privileges!”

  - Abby M. Locke, Premier Writing Solutions

* * * * *

"Inspired. Motivated. Learned. That would be how I describe my experience with CDI <PRWRA> so far. It goes beyond just certifications - I see my membership as my connection to the wonderful network of career professionals all over the globe. With excellent leaders at its helm and helpful, friendly members in the group, CDI <PRWRA> is the best to be for a career professional"

  - Razlan Manjaji, EnergySkills, Singapore

* * * * *

"CDI represents the leading edge discussions, research, new market perspectives and integrity that any serious career practitioner needs in today's volatile business as well as careers market. If you want leading edge advice, coaching and dynamic conversation that has a direct impact on your business bottom line you must read Hire Views and you must be an active member.”

  - John O'Connor, Career Pro Resumes & Career Coaching

* * * * *

“Thanks so much. I can see why the association is doing so well. You're very attentive, helpful, and go the extra distance. The value I've received (just the first few weeks alone!) from the association has far exceeded my membership investment.”

  - Teena Rose, CPRW, CEIP, CCM, / Resume to Referral

* * * * *

“The smartest decision I made when I launched 1st Rate Resumes in late 2000 was joining CDI <PRWRA>. Its members and officers are very supportive and quite willing to share advice on marketing, writing tips, client relationships, and business management. I avoided a lot of mistakes by reading egroup postings and newsletter articles written by newbies and 20 year veterans. The certification and TORI programs have boosted my credibility in the community and among my colleagues; and publicity campaigns, such as Update Your Resume Month have given me access to broadcast and print media as an expert in my field. Finally, CDI’s <PRWRA’s> annual convention always ranks at the top when it comes to workshop offerings, speakers, location, and booth sponsors.”

  - Susan Geary, 1st Rate Résumés

* * * * *

"I received more press coverage for the TORI NOMINATION than I have received for virtually any other publicity over the course of my 11 years in business. I can only speculate what kind of media attention winning a TORI would have garnered. It's an incredible honor to even be nominated when you consider the vast ocean of talent that exists in our industry. It's a tremendous boost to one's confidence to have one's work compared so favorably to that of such talented peers."

  - Arnie Boldt, CPRW, JCTC - Arnold-Smith Associates

* * * * *

“My membership in CDI <PRWRA> is the most valuable association I have. It provides me with support, learning, and friendships that I have not been able to establish in other associations. CDI <PRWRA> is unique in that it has recently changed leadership, it is small (but rapidly growing) and it now has visionary leadership.

The support I’ve gotten from my membership is unprecedented and unavailable in many of the larger organizations. I can call any other member or anyone on the leadership team and have a résumé critiqued, feedback provided, or have someone listen to my ideas without the fear that they will ‘steal’ them.

I have learned so much about professional résumé writing, interviewing, career coaching, marketing and other career topics that I am now earning more than I had hoped or thought possible. The open sharing of ideas and resources continues to amaze me. Most CDI <PRWRA> members do not see each other as a threat, but as a resource to learn from.

I have been fortunate to be a charter member of the CDI <PRWRA> and have been able to grow with the organization. When I first joined I was new to the field, so membership to me has meant learning, growing and developing friendships with other professionals in the same field. My membership has caused me to stretch and step out to do things that I would not have considered before.

I am excited about the new direction of the CDI <PRWRA>. Have you visited the website lately? This alone shows us the innovative and creative planning and foresight of the new leadership. In addition, we are being given extraordinary resources to use to grow our business. And the training and learning opportunities continue to grow.

All in all, I have discontinued my memberships in most other career associations because I have not been getting any value from them. The value I get from the CDI <PRWRA> has kept my interest, kept me growing, and kept me learning. Thank you CDI <PRWRA>!"

  - Cory Edwards, Partnering for Success

* * * * *

"I have joined CDI <PRWRA> for two years. I found CDI <PRWRA> an ideal place to learn and share, as it provides a friendly and fair environment to members. Members here are very professional and supportive - you can seek for help anytime and it is not unusual to receive lots of valuable responses. And I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Committee as they have worked really hard to better the club for members."

  - Edward So, CareerAsia, China

* * * * *

"I have only begun reading this study (Career Industry Mega Trends), but I have gotten my annual membership fee right here. This is amazing! Thank you!!"

  - Erin Kennedy, CPRW, Professional Resume Services

* * * * *

"I started reading the Mega Trends Research report and couldn't put it down! What an invaluable read it turned out to be. There is so much great information on current hot topics in the industry that I have already put into immediate use within my practice. I absolutely loved the information on the latest interviewing trends. In fact I pretty much loved all of it! I know this is going to be something that I will keep referring to as a professional resource. Well done to the Committee for their efforts."

  - Jill Kelly, CARW, Career Edge

* * * * *

“I wanted to thank you for offering the Mentoring as part of Career Directors membership benefits. It was a great opportunity for me to meet an industry colleague and learn from her expertise. I had all my questions answered and more. She was so collaborative and open to sharing strategies that have added to her success and will benefit me as well.”

  - Beth Kennedy, Benatti Training & Development

* * * * *

"Since the San Antonio conference, I find myself up and at ''em each morning with exciting new ideas of how to move JobRockit to the next level! I truly believe that the people I connected with at this conference will create a turning point in my life! It's hard to explain, but there's one thing I have learned *for certain* in this industry: we do not get to the Top ... alone."

  - Sharon Williams, M.Ed., CPRW,

* * * * *

"When I first joined CDI, I was a newbie to the careers community. The organization was buzzing! I knew that I wanted to get involved and become an insider and FAST! I decided to join the Research Committee, and it turned out to be the best decision I could have possibly made for my career at the time. I have joined so much both personally and professionally since joining my first committee."

  - Laura Labovich, A & E Consulting, LLC

* * * * *

“I have experienced a strong sense of camaraderie and have found the know-how to and updated industry information to help my business. I derive so many great ideas from the group list, newsletters and year convention that I have implemented in my business. The programs truly have challenged me and allowed me to heighten my knowledge in the career transitioning industry.”

  – Marie Cajuste, CV Express International, Inc.

* * * * *

"I've just received your special new member packet in the mail. After being involved in many professional organizations both career and otherwise, CDI <PRWRA> has by far been one of the absolute best. The vast number of resources you provide your members is worth its weight in gold, and the new member packet does an excellent job of illustrating exactly that. Thanks for collecting so many resources in one place, and providing a superior model for other organizations to follow."

  - Gene Bryson III, J.D.


2010 - San Diego, California

- Watch Video Testimonials -

- Read Written Testimonials -

Don Orlando of The McLean Group 

Sherry Mirshahi Totten of Interview Roadmap (books)

Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers 

Bryan Lubic of San Diego State University

Katrina Kibben of 

Dee Duff of Document Developers 

Kevin Scollin of Specs Howard School of Media Arts 

Susan Kelly Easton of Competitive Edge Career Services

Sherry Mirshahi Totten of Interview Roadmap (2) 

Beth B. Kennedy of Benatti Training & Development and

Mindy Thomas of Thomas Career Consulting, Inc. 

Mary Jeanne Vincent, Career Expert & Strategist 

Karen Smith-Hanney of Destiny Career Planners 

Jeri Hird Dutcher of Workwrite

Cliff Flamer of BrightSide Resumes


* * * * *


"The 2010 Career Directors International meeting in San Diego was terrific.


It included needed educational topics. And Laura DeCarlo did a top-shelf professional job of threading the needle and sewing up conference details. The buzz I heard: 'Great conference. Strong ROI on my time and money.' "


- Joyce Lain Kennedy, Syndicated Columnist, Tribune Media Services;

   author of Job Interviews For Dummies, Resumes For Dummies, and

   Cover Letters For Dummies


* * * * *

"Wow. Thank you to all who attended and helped behind the scenes. Thanks to the new friends I made and to the old ones for putting up with me).

For those of you who were unable to attend or unsure about the value in attending, I can guarantee it is more than worth the money and effort. I always have fun regardless of where I am but my time with my CDI friends and events is ALWAYS special. I’ll say see you next year but I know most of us are going to stay in contact during the year. I’m so proud of the way we all help each other.

Keep focused and motivated folks!!!!!"

- Audrey Prenzel, Resume Resources

* * * * *


"This conference, one of many I have attended, was the best ever, thanks to Laura DeCarlo and her volunteers and staff.

Laura managed to bring in the career industry's top presenters and exhibitors, coordinated a very comfortable and attractive conference environment, and made each & every one of us feel like a VIP.

Her only shortcoming was a meteorological inability to part the clouds and let in a little more of that famous San Diego sunshine!

Do conferences, flights, and hotels cost money? Yes, they do... and I am in New Orleans, a relatively small market with a challenged economy.

But how can I look my clients in the eye and ask them to invest in their careers, if I don't invest in mine? As far as missing time away from work, I was out of the office only 2 weekdays, Thursday & Friday.

Also, Laura makes the conferences extremely affordable and totally easy to budget with her Early Bird pricing and multi-month payment plans... and I'm only writing this because I believe in the value I've received; I'm not part of CDI's leadership group.

The power of telling a client, "I regularly attend annual career conferences and get my continuing education and certification updates each year," makes it a thousand times easier to ask them to part with their hard earned money.

This year, I got several new ideas that will more than pay for my investment in the conference, including one that should increase my income by $2,400 per month!

Hope to see you all at the 2011 CDI Conference!"


- Grant Cooper, CareerPro of New Orleans / Strategic Resumes

* * * * *

"The 2010 Career Directors' International Summit was a real winner! The combination of a compelling program with engaging presenters and an enthusiastic group of attendees was electric! I will soon enter my 38th year in the career management industry and have attended many conferences through the years. CDI's formula for success is diversity in its program and in its membership. The time in San Diego spent with colleagues was invigorating for our industry. Three of us figured we had 100 years total experience! But we also saw the fresh talent of the next generation. Attending CDI is like a homecoming for me. No one can afford to miss it! Great time!"

- Janice Worthington, Worthington Career Services

* * * * *

"Wow!! The CDI Global Summit in San Diego was a not-be-missed event! With power-packed sessions addressing new industry ideas and immediately useable tips and advice to tons of networking, this conference had something for everyone. My favorite: the luau on the lawn (and that's not just because of the champagne)!

The CDI community of Super Heroes is welcoming, enthusiastic, and MORE than willing to share what they know --- and that amounts to a lot!! The collected wisdom in this group is phenomenal.

Since Laura, quite inexplicably, manages to top previous conferences year after year, I will be awaiting word on the date of next year's conference so I can INK it into my calendar."

- Susan Guarneri,

* * * * *


"I don't know how you do it Laura, but each year's conference seems to get better and better (and they are SO good to begin with). 

Every detail was suberbly organized by the conference committee: The Catamaran was simply beautiful and central to the San Diego buzz; the sessions were so informative and interesting; and the food, reception, boat cruise, and loads of fabulous door prizes were delightful. But, what made the conference great for me was the interaction with so many new (and old) friends!  

We have the most terrific organization--filled with high-energy, talented folks who are making big changes in the careers industry--and it was so exciting to meet so many of you face-to-face. 

THANK YOU for a truly phenomenal experience!"

- Laura Labovich, Aspire! Empower! Career Services Group


* * * * *

Get ready for 2011!

What a great event, to be with so many industry leaders and career professionals who are so generous with their time, talents, and expertise - and who are just plain fun to be around!

If you didn't attend, not only did you miss gathering a to-do list of business-building ideas, you missed out on great conference value-adds, like a complimentary copy of "Cover Letters for Dummies" that everyone who attended received, in addition to great door prices (I won a free Reach Personal Branding Certificate - $497 value - oh yeah, all mine!).

As a proud member of the conference committee, kudos to Laura and my committee partners, Kris, Marcia, Camille, Tina, and Robin for working hard to create the best attended conference ever.

Hope to see old friends and new friends next year! Start planning....

- August Cohen,

* * * * *


"Even though I was only able to attend for 1 day, I had an awesome time connecting with you and colleagues--old and new; and came away with excellent information that will be valuable in moving forward... You did a terrific job, Laura... The preparation and planning you put into the conference was evident throughout the time I was there... Kudos to you and I look forward to future conferences!!!"


- Vivian VanLier, Advantage Resume & Career Management Services

* * * * *


"Kudos, Laura. The conference was terrific. I've been to a number done by other organizations, and I have to say the CDI conference in San Diego not only had something for everyone, but just about every session had nuggets of wisdom that can be applied RIGHT NOW to make business easier - and more profitable."


- Ellie Vargo, Noteworthy Resume & Career Services, LLC


* * * * *

"Until I joined CDI three years ago, I was a floundering entrepreneur in a sea of sharks. Thanks to CDI, the conferences and practical information gained from the sessions, I have turned my part-time business into full-time with confidence, consistent growth and success for my clients!"

This year's conference highlights for me include:

  • Networking (making an impact with a give and get) - Laura Labovich
  • The Motivated You: Assessing Transferable Skills Sets - Dick Knowdell
  • What Differentiates You? Scott on behalf of Barb Bruno
  • Turning your business into a 6-figure success - Dineen Diette
  • Biographies with zazzle - Audrey Prenzel

I am glad that I packed lightly as I had plenty of room to pack the 4 vendor give-away books, sort cards and conference material! Meeting industry colleagues and making lifelong friends distinctly differentiates the CDI Conference."

- Tina Kashlak Nicolai, Resume Writers' Ink, LLC

* * * * *


"I am so glad to have attended the CDI Conference this year. Takeaways included the need to network purposefully and properly, the real need to brand not only our clients but ourselves and some more information on social media.


It also was great to see many of my "old" colleagues - along with meeting new friends.


Thanks again for a well-organized, information-packed conference. I will have warm memories of our time in San Diego. In addition, the place - a resort on the beach - could not have been better!"


- Robin Schlinger, FederalResumePros


* * * * *


"This Career Empowerment conference was simply the VERY BEST and the venue was awesome!! The presentations offered key information needed to market our clients, particularly during the economic recovery we are in. Thanks to you and the committee for an awesome job."


- Deb James, Leading-Edge Resumes & Career Services


* * * * *


"Once again, you organize a conference that exceeds our expectations. This was my third conference and your ability to gather in the memberships’ strengths to search out the right presenters, the needed topics, and the right formats for great learning cannot be applauded enough. The CDI membership is growing, as well as the enthusiasm for being part of special group.


Thanks to all for continuing to extend your friendships to all attendees. It means  so much."


- Valerie Matta, CareerShift, LLC

* * * * *

"I just wanted to say thanks to Laura (& Chris and Kate) for another incredible conference. The facilities in beautiful San Diego were amazing and so was the food! Three days full of presenters and conversation on everything careers has my head still spinning with new ideas for my clients and business.

The best part for me though was meeting the high caliber professionals that attended and renewing friendships with those met in the past. I always feel so honored to be among such great company. So thanks to everyone that went and made the conference so special!"

- Kris Plantrich, ResumeWonders

* * * * *

"I wanted to let you know that you did a great job and everyone was buzzing about what a great time they had. The networking at your conferences is always fantastic. I used to think it was because historically you have a small group but this year the group was much bigger yet the networking was better than ever. For me I think the best part was that the conference attracted people who are fairly new to the industry but already influential and I appreciated the opportunity to chat with them over more than 140 characters.

I also noticed that this was the first conference where I seriously contemplated purchasing a second suitcase because I had so much cool free stuff to cart home. "


- Barbara Safani, Career Solvers / FTT Research


* * * * *


“The CDI Conference in 2010 blew my socks off. The content was the kind of high-level information that I felt I could really sink my teeth into… we all come to conferences craving take-aways, and I literally walked out, got on a plane and went back into the office and immediately put 10 things into immediate use. As someone who has been to a bazillion conferences, it is rare to have such valuable content that I could put to immediate use.


Also, as a former meeting planner, this conference was awesome and wonderfully executed. 


Count me in for 2011… this is a great investment."

- Dawn Rasmussen, Pathfinder Writing and Career Services 

* * * * *


"Kudo’s for a kick-___ conference. I loved it and will tell all my friends in the business. It really was exceptional."

- Mindy Thomas, Thomas Career Consulting, Inc.

* * * * *

"After trying to get to a CDI conference for multiple years and having scheduling conflicts, I finally did it! And WHOO HOO! I am so, so glad I made it to San Diego. There were so many of you I felt to be friends already; now I could put faces to personalities!

It was a delightful experience in every way, from accommodations to high-energy networking, to thought-provoking, inspiring presentations.

Though my takeaways were deep and numerous, I would summarize the overall takeaway as confirmation that I am in the best industry ever! I came away with enlightenment on how to help my clients in their careers, boost my own business, and continue to engage with colleagues who offer a myriad of perspectives to make careers—no lives—better.

I am honored to have connected with those I’ve known only through cyberspace!

Thank you Laura and those who made this event possible. You made it look seamless! I KNOW it was hard work! I will be back, to be sure! CDI is not just a professional association. It’s family!"

- Barb Poole, Hire Imaging, LLC

* * * * *

"Thanks to all and especially Laura and the conference planning team for your welcoming and open environment. I cannot remember the last time I have been exposed to so many ideas in such a short time. It was a wonderful experience.

I look forward to next year's conference and to staying in touch in the interim."

- Chandlee Bryan, Best Fit Forward

* * * * *

"Well, another CDI conference has come and gone, and it has been my pleasure to participate in many ways. It has been an honor and privilege to do so.

As usual, this conference was informative and so delightful. The information imparted was stellar. The room was full of energy. The food was fabulous. It was truly worth every penny to meet all the new attendees and reconnect with past attendees.

I had the privilege of spending time with one of the World’s Best Resume Writers, Cliff Flamer, and congratulate him for his achievements. It was great to meet industry legends, Deb Dib, and Janice Worthington, and spend some time with them as well. And what a delight to meet Joyce Lain Kennedy. I’ve been reading her wise advice since I was 10.

I have to give a shout out to my ‘geek’ friends: @jobsearchcoach (Jeremy Worthington), @KatrinaKibben ( media ninja), @DawnRasumussen, @KeppieCareers (Miriam Salpeter), @careersherpa (Hannah Morgan), @ResumeWoman (Michelle Riklan). It was a blast sitting at the self-proclaimed geek table. It was just so great so see everyone!

To my conference committee colleagues, it is a privilege to work with you. Great job! Congratulations to all the TORI nominees and winners!! I’m truly honored to be a TORI award winner as well. I’m in talented company with the nominees and winners. Thank you, again!

Laura, there really are no words to describe the value you are to our industry. YOU define excellence! You, Chris, and Kate go above and beyond all expectations. Karsen has already asked where the next conference is going to be. He just loves them, too.

There is so much more to say. I am still in San Diego taking a couple of days of vacation. I truly hope that anyone who hasn’t attended a CDI conference to mark your calendars and plan to attend next year. It Is one of the best investments you can make to propel your business forward.

Also, don’t forget to read the conference tweets at hashtag #cdi10 on

Thank you all again for one of the best conferences ever! Can’t wait until next year!"


Camille Roberts, CC Career Services


* * * * *


"As one of the 50 first-timers to the CDI conference, I was honored to meet or hear from some of the key players in the careers industry including Dick Knowdell, Joyce Lain Kennedy, Jason Alba, Deb Dib, Louise Kursmark, Don Orlando, and of course Laura DeCarlo! Instead of doing the “touristy” thing, I spent every possible minute attending the sessions or networking with amazing people. I hope to return every year invigorated with new ideas and excited to return to my home office and implement what I have learned. Thanks to all who made this event possible!"


- Ginger Korljan, Take Charge Coaching


* * * * *

"I had an amazing week at the Career Directors International conference! It wasn’t the knowledge and information that blew me away, but the opportunity to meet face to face with great people. Many of the people I met I have known for years through blogging and Twitter. I now can put a person with those Twitter handles and blog posts. I also met others whom I hadn’t been following and now will.


I was also impressed by the generosity and support I felt ooze from these wonderful people. I am honored to be part of CDI and look forward to being active within the organization."


- Hannah Morgan, Career Sherpa


* * * * *


I, too, had a wonderful and worthwhile time in San Diego.


Laura and her sister selected a terrific venue my room was so spacious and comfortable, I hated to leave it each day. But, I am so glad I did. I have so many takeaways, in addition to the networking I did that should result in lucrative partnerships. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Thanks to conversations with Louise Kursmark and Barb Safani, I have already revised the pricing structure (up, of course) on my website.

  • Thanks to Laura Labovich, I have a totally new take on networking for me and my clients.

  • Thanks to Diane Crompton and Ellen Sauter, I am ready to start using social media to enhance my business (BTW, great handouts!).

  • Thanks to Norine Dagliano, I have a renewed resume content strategy.

  • Thanks to Dinneen Diette, I am implementing a job search services system.

  • Big thanks to Audrey Prenzel for opening my eyes and mind to major changes I need to make in my business bio.

  • Thanks to Susan Guarneri and other participants, I now have a niche (finally after 10+ years of thinking about it but not doing) with NESH clients (Nonprofit, Education, Social services, and Healthcare).

  • Thanks to Debra Feldman, I am planning to re-contact former clients to gain referrals, provide additional services, and solicit their opinions in a survey (another session takeaway from the Good as Gold presenter, Scott Pier).

  • Huge thanks to Laura and the summit committee for an exceptional experience.

I am already looking forward to 2011 wherever it is.


- Freddie Cheek, Cheek and Associates


* * * * *


"Yes, the conference was wonderful and valuable, and if you have never attended one by CDI, you have a full year to prepare for it. Where else could you have benefited from the one-on-one expertise of:


  • Stalwarts like Don Orlando (my former mentor many moons ago when I was a member of another resume writing organization), Grant Cooper, Janice Worthington, Dr. Jay, Deb Dib, Deloris "Dee" Duff, Susan Guarneri, Louise Kursmark and Deb James;

  • Pioneers like Susan Joyce, Jason Alba, Val Matta & Interview Coach, Carole Martin;

Meet and chat with:

  • The legendary Joyce Lain Kennedy; Twitter favourites like Miriam Salpeter (@Keppie_Careers) and Hannah Morgan (@careersherpa). What fun we had on the bus to and from the Olde Town.

  • Other Twitter favourites like Laura Labovich, Kim Baston, Chandlee Bryan and Barb Safani;

  • Newbies like Cliff Flamer, Sophia Marshall, Brenda Cunningham, and radio personality Kevin Scollin, among others;

  • Celebrate with TORI nominees and winners, particularly August Cohen, who must've been nominated in all categories;

  • Kim Mohiuddin, with her 4-month old daughter in tow, Dawn Rasmussen with a leg cast, Canucks (short for Canadians) like Audrey Prenzel (very entertaining presenter) and Karen Smith-Hanney, and of course, my two roommates Canuck Susan Kelly Easton and adopted Canuck Sherry Mirshahi.

Did anyone notice there were more male members in attendance? At least that's what I heard. Someone commented to me that it was the most they had ever seen since they have been attending CDI Conferences.


Add to all of that, the power-packed, couldn't-squeeze-anything-more-in sessions that I am still trying to process...and to top it all, the door prizes! Mine is a just-in-time gift of a $2,400 Coaching Package from Dinneen Diette of Dinneen Speaks!! Can't wait to have her help me flesh out a couple of projects I have on the go!


No conference would be successful without the meeting committee (Camille Roberts, Tina Kashlak, Kris Plantrich, Marcia Baker and Robin Schlinger) and Laura's two right hands, Chris and Kate.


I am still relishing from the camaraderie that was evident over the several days, and although I couldn't list all your names, I am sure I connected with almost everyone of you, and that connection made the conference a richer experience for me. Thanks for that.


So, to those who missed it...what are you waiting for? Start saving now for 2011."


- Daisy Wright, The Wright Career Solution

* * * * *


“You did a wonderful job including everyone at the conference and making certain that they were happy. The connections were excellent and I never met so many helpful people in one place giving testimony to the fact you do attract the right people. The accommodations were nice, and I have never seen entertainment provided in the cost of attendance - well done. Thank you too for the gifts, feeding and gifting vendors - another fine touch differentiating you from all other conferences and so much appreciated!”


- Elinor Stutz, Smooth Sale, LLC


* * * * *

"I am so psyched up about all the ideas I got from the conference!

I am a new member (although not new to the industry) and made a last minute decision to attend after reviewing the conference agenda which more than covered my topics of interest. Like many people, I work virtually with little physical client contact and getting out of the office to share ideas and strategies with some of the most experienced and successful people in the field was downright energizing. Just what I needed in the face of all the changes going on in this market!"

- Don Goodman, About Jobs

* * * * *

"You did such a wonderful job of organizing an outstanding conference. I want to thank you especially for taking care of my vegan dietary needs. Both Kate and the hotel staff were on the ball in getting me my special meals -- and the food was really good. At lunchtime on Friday, nearly everyone at my table said they wished they were eating what I had (the Portobello stack).

Thanks again for a super conference."

- Tessa Weeks, Make Every Word Count

* * * * *

"Thanks so much for delivering such an incredible conference. I learned so much, met so many new colleagues, and hopefully made a few friends as well. Never having gone to a CDI conference before, I didn't anticipate how helpful and collegial the participants would be. I think, actually, that the inherent friendliness of the crew was enhanced by Laura Labovich's terrific networking presentation--it gave us all an opportunity to meet and a construct within which to introduce ourselves.

I know my new to-do list will have me busy well through winter, but I'm really glad that I have the information, skills, and techniques to build my business and amplify my offerings."

- Amy L. Adler, Inscribe / Express

* * * * *


“CDI did a fabulous job with the Summit. It provided us with the information necessary to grow our businesses. I cannot thank you enough and I can’t wait until next year!”


- Angie S. Jones, Haute Resume & Career Services LLC


* * * * *

2009 - Orlando, Florida

- Watch Video Testimonials -

- Read Written Testimonials -

Tina Kashlak Nicolai of Resume Writers' Ink, LLC

Kris Plantrich of ResumeWonders Writing and Career Coaching Services
& Erin Kennedy of Professional Resume Services

Sherry Mirshahi of Interview Roadmap

Eleanor Farmer of Be Ready Resumes LLC

& Beth Kennedy of Benatti Training & Development

Susan Kelly Easton of Competitive Edge Career Services

& Deb Dib of Executive Power Brand 

Sharon Milmoe of Career Management Solutions

Kelly Welch of YES Career Services


* * * * *

"THE CONFERENCE WAS FABULOUS...Incredible doesn't do it justice. Every speaker  was terrific and every topic was relevant. I learned and learned and learned. I've got so many notes I don't even know where to begin. Saw dear old friends and made some wonderful new ones.

How much better can it get?"

- Marty Weitzman, Gilbert Resumes

* * * * *

"My first CDI conference was remarkable, restorative, and 100% useful!

As a long-time career industry veteran, conferences have always been a highly awaited chance for me to catch up with old friends, meet new colleagues, and learn some new things. As a "learning junkie" I always hope to come away with a lot of great info, but after 20 years in the industry, I am pretty satisfied if I takeaway 3 or 4 new concepts I can adapt to my practice.

After many years of trying to fit CDI into my schedule, I decided this year would finally be the time...location was convenient, property looked fabulous (and really reasonable$$!), and the program and speakers - focused much on social media - was enticing. I expected a good conference, good takeaways, and great colleagues (many of whom I'd never met but always wanted to).

What I got so far exceeded my expectations that I'm still on a people- and info-high.

I'm rarely at a conference where EVERY session is completely valuable. That was really surprising to me. Even the few sessions I thought were not for me, were so full of unexpectedly new and useful information that I quickly reminded myself to never pre-judge!

One of the best parts of the two-day "knowledge festival!" was meeting such great people. I have made a number of new friends who will, I hope, be valued life-long kindred spirits - if they like me as much as I like them!

I'm already eagerly awaiting next year!

Laura and team, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Deb Dib,

* * * * *

"THE CONFERENCE WAS FABULOUS...Incredible doesn't do it justice. Every speaker  was terrific and every topic was relevant. I learned and learned and learned. I've got so many notes I don't even know where to begin. Saw dear old friends and made some wonderful new ones.

How much better can it get?"

- Marty Weitzman, Gilbert Resumes

* * * * *

"My first CDI conference was remarkable, restorative, and 100% useful!

As a long-time career industry veteran, conferences have always been a highly awaited chance for me to catch up with old friends, meet new colleagues, and learn some new things. As a "learning junkie" I always hope to come away with a lot of great info, but after 20 years in the industry, I am pretty satisfied if I takeaway 3 or 4 new concepts I can adapt to my practice.

After many years of trying to fit CDI into my schedule, I decided this year would finally be the time...location was convenient, property looked fabulous (and really reasonable$$!), and the program and speakers - focused much on social media - was enticing. I expected a good conference, good takeaways, and great colleagues (many of whom I'd never met but always wanted to).

What I got so far exceeded my expectations that I'm still on a people- and info-high.

I'm rarely at a conference where EVERY session is completely valuable. That was really surprising to me. Even the few sessions I thought were not for me, were so full of unexpectedly new and useful information that I quickly reminded myself to never pre-judge!

One of the best parts of the two-day "knowledge festival!" was meeting such great people. I have made a number of new friends who will, I hope, be valued life-long kindred spirits - if they like me as much as I like them!

I'm already eagerly awaiting next year!

Laura and team, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Deb Dib,

* * * * *

"As a new member I was thoroughly impressed and thrilled about the many takeaways and learning received. I know I will implement some of them very soon. I am Soooo glad I decided to take the plunge and join this fine organization and attend the stellar conference. I look forward to a long association with CDI and the new friends I met.

Laura, there is no need to worry about topping this one - just match it and I, for one, would be a very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work!"

- Eleanor G. Farmer, Be Ready Resumes

* * * * *

"Economy- E-schonomy! I don’t think there’s anything else that I could do in the remaining months of 2009 that would top my choice to attend The Career Empowerment Summit! This was by far, the single most important investment I made in my professional growth this entire year! It is already paying dividends with new tools, new friends, and new ideas for growing and sustaining a successful business!"

- Cheryl Milmoe, Career Management Solutions

* * * * *

“It really made my day when Laura recognized me at the summit as a top CDI Advocator. I have been a member for 8 years now and truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to earn two highly respected industry certifications and make it past a very rough time with my business 3 years ago -- if it wasn’t for the opportunities and connections CDI provided me.”

- Darlene Dassy, Dynamic Resume Solutions

* * * * *

"This conference was very valuable!!! I have a long list of action items to work on. Thank you all for such thought provoking topics. I’m a newcomer, but I won’t be for long with such a wealth of experts and tremendous CDI resources available. I now see my business from a different perspective. The speakers were great. Laura and her team were awesome. The participants were friendly and helpful. Many thanks."

- Brenda Goburn Smith, Resume & Career Services

* * * * *

"I share the enthusiasm about the conference, feeling that I, as a newcomer, not only got solid information, but also was welcomed with warmth into this exceptional community.

I also want to send Laura and her team my gratitude, respect and affection. I look forward to future opportunities to meet."

- Estelle Rauch, Career Strategies Unlimited

* * * * *

"Thanks to Laura and everyone involved for putting on a GREAT conference. I had so much fun and, as another self-professed 'Learning Junkie' I learned and a have a great ‘to do’ list to work on. CDI's commitment to meeting the needs of all of us, at our different levels, is outstanding!"

- Kelly Welch, YES Career Services

* * * * *

"Just want to thank you for the BEST conference ever. I was totally blown away with the content and presentations. Honestly, the federal job segment by Barbara Adams was unbelievable. It was all great information that will change my business forever. I have so much work cut out for me!!"

- Deb James, Leading-Edge Resumes & Career Services

* * * * *

"A BIG thank you for a productive, interesting, lively and empowering conference! I learned from and enjoyed both the formal presentations and the informal parts of the program - the topical lunch, the tropical reception, the vendor/partners' presence, presents and presentations - and of course the ample networking opportunities. In a largely virtual business like ours, the face-to-face contact with colleagues, eager to share experience, is especially invaluable, and perfect for a 'newbie' like me.

Thank you all!"

- Paul Kende, Career Strategies Unlimited

* * * * *

"The conference was such a smashing success! Laura DeCarlo's presentation on Saturday (Move Your Website to Social Web 2.0 With Free Tools) was one of the highlights for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned enough to keep me busy changing things up for a good while. It doesn’t get any better than that!"

- Jeri Hird Dutcher, Workwrite Career Coaching and Resumes

* * * * *

"Thanks for a wonderful conference…a fabulous success. CDI’s conference stands out for offering sessions with new material no matter what level in the industry you are in. By having sessions with forward-looking new material – current and future facing – we have all gained valuable information for the future."

- Robin Schlinger, FederalResumePros

* * * * *

"I would like to totally echo Robin's comments regarding the CDI Conference. Well worth the investment. Beautiful facilities and great networking opportunities! So much learned through informative presentations. Totally professional in every way. And let's not forget - a lot of fun and fun people!

I know my business will become substantially better having attended the conference.

You are a real winner in my book!"

- David Smith, Career Success Made Easy

* * * * *

"I thought the conference was worth every penny. Laura, her staff, the hotel staff and volunteers all did a fabulous job. I walked away with several ideas to improve my business and met several new colleagues. It's always great to learn from others and to get new ideas to help us move forward. All of the presentations were beneficial, and I learned something valuable from each speaker.

This afternoon I shared some information with my client about federal jobs from Barbara Adams' presentation which got special attention from my client.

So, a BIG THANK YOU for an outstanding conference!"

- Marilyn A. Feldstein, Career Choices Unlimited, Inc.

* * * * *

"The Summit was amazing and so were all of the sessions. Thank you for the time that you managed to offer me further insight with regard to the options available to help me grow my business. Saying good-bye to corporate is not going to be very difficult at all. Thank you so much for a fantastic 2 days!"

- Tina Kashlak, Resume Writer's Ink, LLC

* * * * *

"The conference was incredible. You and your staff did an amazing job in putting it all together. All the sessions were timely and informative.

I walked away with valuable tools that I can immediately put to work in my business. Thank you so much!"

- Cheryl Ann Harland, Resumes By Design

* * * * *

"I want to applaud Laura and her tireless team on a wonderful summit. I have attended all of the CDI conferences and this continues as a wonderful and valuable experience. 

I loved the facility (spacious and comfy suites), program, and extras. As always, I walked away with a notebook full of tips and suggestions I plan on implementing.

Thanks Laura and I’m looking forward to a trip West in 2010."

- Freddie Cheek, Cheek and Associates

* * * * *

"You did a truly amazing job with the conference! I am beyond happy that I attended. I can't wait to implement all the ideas running around my head."

- Laurie Berenson, Sterling Career Concepts

* * * * *

"I thought I would add a ‘vendor prospective’ on the Summit.

What a wonderful gift to have a conference offer vendors the opportunity to participate in the conference programs, as more times than not, we are placed in another room. It is wonderful that CDI recognizes the fact that we are also entrepreneurs in need of guidance as we build our business’.

Thank you to CDI for a wonderful conference and the honor of being the 2009 Career Innovator Award recipient.

I will definitely see you next year!"

- Val Matta, CareerShift, LLC

* * * * *

"I wanted to tell you that I took something away from every session and was thrilled to return home with a huge to do list of new ideas to implement. Everyone I talked to thought the conference was fantastic, so congratulations."

- Barbara Safani, Career Solvers

* * * * *

NOTE: Camille could not attend due to last-minute family emergency but had comments to share that were worth posting based on past conferences:

"It looks it was another fabulous conference. After attending the conference last year, I had no doubts at all. For those who have attended the CDI conferences, you already know they are more than a ‘summit’ or a conference. They are like a luxury vacation for the soul, yet total mind stimulation…because of the effort Laura and her team puts forth. It is really a special time when we can get together, support each other, learn, grow, recharge, renew friendships, make new friends, and continue to further our great industry doing what we love.

I’m raising my glass as a toast to all of you great people! I’m proud to be associated with all of you. I really missed seeing all of you and hope to see you next year!"

- Camille Carboneau Roberts, CC Career Services

* * * * *

"The BAD Things About the CDI Summit:

Now that everyone has heard the raves about the conference, I thought I should provide the negatives so you will have a balanced viewpoint. If you are planning to go next year, be prepared for the following:

1. Increased workload: You will have so many new tools and ideas for additional revenue streams to put in place for your business, you will certainly make more money and sales when you get home. Are you prepared to give up your free time to work harder? Your relaxing days will be over.

2. Sleep depravation: If you like getting a full night's sleep, don't attend a CDI conference. You will feel compelled to stay up all hours of the night laughing, having fun, and learning about your colleagues. And don't think you can sleep in to catch up, because you will be afraid you will miss out on more conversation and the hot bacon and eggs waiting for you. Did I mention food?

3. Weight gain: No matter how much will power you think you have, it will be hard to resist the giant cookies, brownies, great restaurants, and pina coladas with cheese and fruit. It is pure evil, but don't say I didn't warn you. Strawberry daiquiri anyone?

On top of the above, you will now have so many new friends that you will have to call, email, twitter about, follow on Facebook, and have as resources to help you out when you need a shoulder - I swear it will never end.

Now that you have been warned, if you are still brave enough to go to CDI 2010, I'll save you a seat at my table. You're on your own with the brownies:-)."

- August Cohen,

* * * * *

2008 - Seattle, Washington

"Thank you for the outstanding, over-the-top conference in Seattle. I am amazed at the meticulously planned details from the awesome speakers, fun vendor fair night, exceptional door prizes, the whacky “Duck Tour”, right down to the puzzles and items on the conference tables. I have never been to a conference that served so much food—wow…it was all yummy!

It was so nice to meet all the wonderful CDI members whose ‘names’ I have seen on the elist (nice to put faces with names). You also have an excellent staff. They really went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect.

I was a bit awestruck by the all the ‘industry career leaders’ I was sitting next to and in the same room with…we truly have an awesome camaraderie and compassion for each other, as well as a passion for the work we do for our clients.

As a first-time CDI conference attendee, I have to say that I hope to never miss another conference. It was well worth my time and money. There was something for everyone—from the new person in the industry to the veterans in the industry. I did not want to have to choose between presentations—they were all good! I learned so much from every single one!

The knowledge gained at this conference to give us a competitive edge in our industry is nothing short of amazing. I know that we and all of our clients will benefit from your vision and the information that was presented. In fact, I have been trying to come up with a way to write about the return on investment, but it truly is immeasurable for me.

Attending the CDI conference was definitely worthwhile. I could name so many other reasons, but seriously, thank you to you and your staff. I cannot wait to attend the next one!"

- Camille Carboneau Roberts CC Career Services

* * * * *

"Thanks for making my first CDI conference a great experience. I was impressed with the many members I met, the information presented and the incredible quality of the whole event. So many opportunities, ideas and ways to develop my business came from this. I can’t wait to hear what comes forward for the next conference.

From a satisfied and happy member of CDI, thanks again to the organizing committee who made this event possible. I am hoping I can lend a hand and become involved more with CDI."

- Karen Smith-Hanney, Destiny Career Planners

* * * * *

"Wow! I am so invigorated and feel so blessed to have met such a great group of professionals. Thank you for a great convention. My cheeks were hurting on the plane from smiling so much!"

- Anita Radosevich, Career Ladders

* * * * *

"CDI has, once again, done an excellent job with conference! It is amazing how these conferences seem to get better and better year after year; regarding the program! Every seminar was indeed full of new and interesting information that I can and will use. Everyone is willing to share what they know in order to help you better yourself, as well as your business. The one statement that seemed to keep coming up over and over again from first-time attendees was: Wow, I can't believe how friendly this group is and so willing to share!

...And this is why CDI is DIFFERENT and BETTER than any other organization!!!!! Need anyone say more!!!! Because our director cares about the members and is ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond to make US happy; help US cut costs, form alliances, and, of course, EMPOWER US, in order to help US succeed to reach our goals! Thank you, Laura, for thinking of US, the CDI Members!"

- Nona Pratz, Types Write

* * * * *

“Thanks for the great venue and opportunity to present my product to the attendees. I am thrilled to have met each of them and look forward to many more conversations. Easily the most worthwhile event I have attended in some time.”

- Richard Baum, Palo Verde Resources, LLC

* * * * *

"Nice work on the conference! Thanks for making every detail so outstanding. I possess more career and personal branding bling than most TGI Friday's people. I may not take off my name tag for awhile. Thanks for bringing in the heavy hitters from Washington's most prolific companies. For them to endorse the career people, resume writers and outplacement professionals like us really impressed me. It's funny how they totally get what we do and our uncommon value. For you to bring that to us first hand was a total highlight. Pike Street Market, Shawn Mullins at the Moore, my meetings with great colleagues, Seattle, the smell of caffeine and your recognition of everyone made this whole event world class."

– John O’Connor, Career Pro Inc.

* * * * *

"I firmly believe that Conference 2008 is the single best thing I have done for my business to date. I’m really fired up about the impact it’s had on me and I feel challenged to engage members who have never been to one. I’ll contribute whatever I can to make the next one an equally great, or greater, personal and business investment for attendees."

- Susan Easton Competitive Edge Career Services (CECS)

* * * * *

“As usual, you did a wonderful job … all of the little details that you did out of the kindness-of-your-heart to make the conference special – from the Branding Labels to the CDI Vendor Fair and countless other things. I was simply astonished to receive a personal follow up call regarding the conference – that just shows the level of dedication and caring about the members (and the industry as a whole) by your taking the extra time to do that, instead of just plugging along on your other immediate projects.”

- Darlene M. Dassy, BBA, CMRW, CARW Dynamic Résumé Solutions

* * * * *

"Thank you for your warm welcome to this worthwhile event. It met all the criteria of a good conference:

  • promoted networking among colleagues
  • offered opportunities to learn & grow
  • supported member feelings of self-worth
  • encouraged "out-of-the-box" thinking & behavior
  • not a marketing expo disguised as a conference.

I have recommended CDI to colleagues who are not yet affiliated with CDI. Mot of all, I would like to thank all of you for the warm and welcoming environment. I confess to feeling a bit of NIMBYism - I hope we can keep the cozy atmosphere as our heroic group grows in numbers."

- Karen P. Katz, M.Ed., CCM, Career Acceleration Network (CAN), LLC

* * * * *

2007 - San Antonio, Texas

"As for the conference, the thing I always love about your events is that they are edgy. Not only did I walk away with some golden nuggets of information, but the CDI presentations are always thought provoking and they foster healthy debate…to video resume or not to video resume…that is the question!!! Also, because it was a very intimate setting, I got to chat at length with people I didn’t know very well before the conference and I’m already thinking about ways to partner with a number of people that I met. Thanks again for everything, and once again, you produced an outstanding conference. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for Seattle!"

- Barbara Safani, Career Solvers

* * * * *

"The laughter, great conversations and developing relationships were wonderful treasures that I took away and will continue to reflect on. CDI’s vision for a conference that allowed us to learn, connect and have a whole lot of fun was most certainly actualized. I want to thank you for your attention to all of the details that made our experience unique and most of all for your ongoing dedication and commitment to the industry.”

- Heather Wieshlow, Turning Point Coaching and Consulting

* * * * *

"I thought the conference had a really great balance of fun and structure. From my theatre background, I really appreciated some of the more interactive elements, such as the table topic lunch, networking game, etc. I think the the ice breakers were fabulous from the get go of the badges with stickers. I started getting into a spirit of fun - selecting what I wanted to put on my badge. It was great!"

Michael Kranes, Resume Slayer

* * * * *

"Going to the conference opened my eyes to the resources CDI offered, which led to my membership. After going through the mentoring program and soaking up CDI's resources, my Web traffic is up, revenue is up, efficiency up, and my frustration level is down. Now, if I could just improve my tennis game...I would be a happy girl. Actually I have more time for the there is hope for me yet."

- Tamara Dowling,

* * * * *

Since last week's San Antonio conference, I find myself up and at ''em each morning with exciting new ideas of how to move JobRockit to the next level! I truly believe that the people I connected with at this conference will create a turning point in my life! It's hard to explain, but there's one thing I have learned *for certain* in this industry: we do not get to the Top ... alone.

It is a good thing that this is not the conference that I chose to sit out on because of financial reasons, or any other reasons. It would have caused me to miss once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!


- Sharon Williams, M.Ed., CPRW, JobRockit

* * * * *

I have attended previous CDI conferences in Atlanta, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, and Orlando that were great, but the conference in San Antonio was the best!

The speakers were top notch, and I learned enough to more than pay for the cost of attending. Also, the attendees were 100% caring, sharing & fun!

I was particularly impressed with the work CDI did in preparing the Mega Trends report. Nona Pratz deserves special praise as she devoted so much time despite the fact that she is from the New Orleans area and will continue to be dealing with the aftermath of Katrina for years to come.

I’m making my plans for Seattle!

Grant Cooper, C.A.R.W., Strategic Résumés

* * * * *

Ditto! What an incredible time at such a beautiful hotel, located in close proximity to the River Walk. More importantly was the wealth of information from very accomplished associates. All very practical workshops, all very informative. Good choice of workshops. Yes, CDI has
pulled it off with aplomb, and has further equipped us and empowered us as resume writers and career development specialists.

Judy Ware, Resumes for Careers

* * * * *

In short, WoW! They did it again....CDI, of course. What a wonderful conference, wonderful hotel, and wonderful food. I learned so much, as usual, and thoroughly enjoyed networking and visiting good friends and meeting new ones.

- Nona Pratz, Types Write

* * * * *

2006 - Orlando, Florida

"Dear Colleagues and all the new friends I was fortunate enough to have made at the conference, I wanted to let all of you who didn't attend know how much you all missed. It was without question one of the two or three best conferences I have ever attended. From the wonderful no holding back camaraderie, to the generous sharing of information on new technology, resume products/styles, how to sell and how much for, and the exchange of intellectual property, it was just nothing short of great!!!!!!!!!!.

There wasn't one speaker from whom this jaded old pro didn't learn something, and I am truly grateful to all the presenters, so if I leave out your name, forgive me (Don). I am already adding new revenue streams to my business and doing my new expanded Internet job searching coaching session on Tuesday for the fist time (Thanks Barbara) Jack Chapman would say KA CHING (resume speak for money). I picked up some great new resume styles and product tips from Tracy and Louise, and sales tips from Wendy Weiss. Since these are the areas I count as my "key" strengths I feel I received an unexpected bonus.

Already paid to go to next years conference in San Antonio and took advantage of the conference early bird discount. SINCE I KNOW I AM GOING FOR SURE, WHY NOT SAVE A FEW DOLLARS! deepest appreciation and respect for your dedication and efforts and to the team that assisted you. I can truly empathize with the amount of work and time, and planning that went into this (I didn't get paid for this empathy Jack)."

  - Marty Weitzman, Gilbert Resumes

* * * * *

"This year's conference was the BEST. It was so refreshing to hear presentations on new topics and revenue generators. YES, I am raising my prices again! Don't you just LOVE it!!!

Best of all, I was able to meet new people and see old friends who are never afraid to share their wealth of knowledge. I am hosting a resume meeting this coming Friday for a group of Michigan and Ohio writers / coaches and I can't wait to tell them about the conference benefits. Sharon Pierce-Williams - you better be there!

Thanks to Laura and her great team for a job well done."

  - Deb James, Leading Edge Resumes

* * * * *

"As we 'age' in our business we sometimes feel we know it all (or at least all we need to know) so conferences become more about renewal, refreshment, and catching up with friends rather than new learning.

But at this year's CDI conference I took at least one golden nugget from every single presentation, and I'm ready to start doing a few things differently... to better serve my clients AND earn more for my expertise.

It was great to meet new people as well as connect with old friends - what a great group of people! See you all next year in San Antonio."

  - Louise Kursmark, MRW, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP, CCM, Best Impression Career Services, Inc

* * * * *

"Ditto to all Marty said! I'm so excited about using all I learned. Folks, you get an immediate ROI by attending one of these conferences. Start putting aside some bucks so you can afford to go next year. It's definitely worth it."

  - Ellen Mulqueen, A FutureLink

* * * * *

"Barbara Safani is a wizard when it comes to networking! Wendy Weiss taught me a few new techniques that will make us more effective this coming year. What can be said of Ric Lanham except "He nailed it." I never tire of learning from Jack Chapman and who knew he could play the drums so well?

Freddie Cheek and Ellen Mulqueen know more about working with those with special needs than I ever imagined. I find it really interesting how Louise Kursmark just gets smarter and smarter every year. She too taught me some "new tricks" we will apply this year.

I really enjoyed seeing all 7 Laura Decarlos (I KNOW there must be at least 7 of her because she does the work of at least 7 normal human beings) Laura deserves an award for making our conference so worthwhile and interesting.

I look forward to seeing you all in San Antonio next year. It's so nice to know so many nice people!"

  - Don Skipper, Career Beginnings, Inc.

* * * * *

"Ditto to everyone! Lisa and I thoroughly enjoyed the CDI conference and came away with a bundle of good ideas to implement within our writing and sales team. It never ceases to amaze me how much camaraderie and expertise there is within our industry. Thank you so much to all the presenters.

I always enjoyed seeing my old friends and making new acquaintances within the industry. All I can say is what an amazing group of people.

Laura, you and your team are truly amazing and we can't thank you enough for all your hard work. We definitely plan to go to next years conference in San Antonio."

  - Barbara Adams, CareerPro Global Inc.

* * * * *

"I'm so excited! My supplemental 'Great Idea Book' from Laura is on my desk. I decided to try just two of the new ideas the first opportunity I had (Of course, I'll implement more ideas ASAP, including getting in touch with my accountability partners ) So, while doing my best to catch up on client contact from my absence and following up on some promises made to several colleagues from the conference -- and not finished yet --- (if you're on my list), I took a call from a job seeking prospect. Well, both new ideas from my Great Idea Book were used with this prospect and sure enough, this new client will be here on Thursday for a fee based consultation. I also did a "ball park" quote on her resume, based on the second idea in my Great Idea Book and I provided my highest price quote ever :-) Because of the wording of how my fees are structured, thanks to one presenter, the prospect quickly agreed it was a fair investment.

I'm eager to have more opportunities to use more suggestions and can't wait to share results after my appointment on Thursday."

  - Jane Roqueplot, JaneCo's Sensible Solutions

* * * * *

"As a first-time attendee, I was very impressed with the organization of the event, and I especially enjoyed meeting so many professionals in the resume writing world. I made some new friends, and learned many new things to add to my business. It was also great to meet Louise and Arnold in person, as I have resumes that will be published in their upcoming books. What a treat!

Thank you Laura for taking care of all the details, especially making sure I was well fed. I truly appreciate your sensitivity and all the hard work you put into making this a wonderful conference."

  - Marilyn Feldstein, Career Choices Unlimited

* * * * *

"It is exciting to be in my office today implementing new ideas, contacting new CDI members, and thanking everyone for moving us to the next level in not only our businesses, but in our hearts!

When attending conferences, I always set three goals. For this conference, the goals were to (1) find writers for the new launch of a virtual career center (so far ... Ellen Mulqueen., Freddie Cheek., and Cory Edwards), (2) determine how to set up the website regarding numerous writers (thank you!, Louise Kursmark!!), and (3) learn new revenue streams (Barbara Safani, Jack Chapman, Louise Kursmark, Marty Weitzman ... on and on!!)

But, what I take away MOST from this conference ... the gracious hearts of Jane Roqueplot and Barbara Adams. Josh Groban has a great song called, 'You Raise Me Up' ... When goals are set for future conferences, I will make sure that one is set to "make a difference in someone's life" rather than all goals pointed toward myself!

As "Make a Difference Day" approaches Saturday, October 28, I think of Don Skipper's group as they move forward with the CCTC program ... lest we forget Cordell Tjaden who made an impression on everyone! Don, we are looking forward to seeing you on OPRAH! My family was touched by the good hearts of CDI members.

Oprah speaks of many things being 'in the details.' The Orlando conference was all about "the details." Way to go, Laura and committees, for creating a fun-filled, rewarding conference that moves us all to another level business-wise and heart-wise!!!"

  - Sharon Williams, The Resume.Doc

* * * * *

"I ditto everything everyone has said. For those of you who say it's too expensive or you can't afford it, coming from Katrinaville I said the same thing. can work it out. I spent $800.00...which included everything... the conference, hotel room (I roomed with 3 other ladies - yeah guys it worked out well, our "networking" continued after our all-day networking), the luau, meals, some books, plane fare, and transportation to and from the airport! You can be on a tight budget and still enjoy yourself!

The friendship and sharing was excellent. The group we had was ready to share anything you wanted or needed to know. The seminars were excellent! And, of course, Laura had every detail covered. As we sat munching on M&Ms while waiting for a session to start, I mentioned to our table the group that if I know Laura, there is something written on the M&Ms. They laughed....well, guess who got the prize for knowing what was on the M&Ms!!!!! Chris (Laura's husband), does she ever sleep??? She made sure every last detail was perfect. Table toys???? What a great idea!! But the sessions were packed with so much information, we had to stay during the break to play with them.

Thank you Laura for such a wonderful time. It was great to see all of you again. Thank you all for your friendship and knowledge that you shared. I look forward to seeing all of you again in San Antonio next year!"

  - Nona Pratz, Types Write

* * * * *

"Colleagues, how can I top the fine words said by Ellen, Don, Marty, Malloy, Louise, Judy, Ric, and Barbara? First, one goes to these conferences to learn and network. That happened in gallons of gold, because Laura, Kate, Chris, and the gang all provided such a nice venue with all the accouterments of home. I got to finally meet in person the ladies of the Research Committee, Carrie and Nona. By the way, Carrie, you have such lovely children! That was a thrill, because we have been communicating on the telephone almost every month for about a year.

Also, Grant deserves a special kudo for dressing in a tux. Naturally, the two stories about Katrina from Nona and Grant made a deep impression. It is the people who helped them who deserve special thanks as well. I am glad both these treasured members are able to get back on their feet again. Having gone through two earthquakes, I can somewhat empathize with their concerns.

One presentation after another from Thursday morning on moved so quickly, and one wanted more time on each one. The Luau was particularly gratifying, because so much camaraderie was expressed. I will never forget the conversations with Susan Guarneri at the table topics about blogging and personal branding.

Today in our first-year seminar we talked about the importance of memory in college and related SAVE (Selectivity-Association-Visualization-Effort) CRIB (Concentration-Recitation-Interest-Big and Little Pictures) FOTO (Feedback-Organization-Time on Task-Ongoing Review). In most examples I used my well-spent time in Orlando to explain to the students how important it is to remember people's names and something about them. Sharon Pierce-Williams and Laura, yes, we even talked about lunch reviews and their etiquette. You can see I could have networked for another week. It is hard to get back to the classroom after meeting so many friends and new friends who have so much to offer.

The time flew by!"

  - Jay Christensen, CECC, CFRW, California State University, Northridge

* * * * *

2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada

“So much fun, so much great information, and such wonderful camaraderie!

Yesterday - my first day back - I immediately sold 2 new service offerings that will bring me $200 pure profit at no expenditure of time. I proposed about $500 of additional (new) services to a top executive client, and I'm confident this is just the start of something wonderful (for them and for me). And I'm revamping an upcoming workshop to include some of the great tips and tricks I learned - again, wonderful for my audience and fun for me.

It was great to meet new friends and reconnect with familiar faces. What a great group! I look forward to next year!”

  - Louise Kursmark, MRW, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP, CCM, Best Impression Career Services, Inc

* * * * *

"Spectacular, Informative, Enriching, Rejuvenating and Profitable are some of the words that come to mind following this great conference! As a regular attendee to some of the largest career conferences and events, I have never been to a conference with such high-quality sessions. I learned something from each presenter. I have 2-pages of immediate To-Dos and 4-pages of ideas to implement to provide better services and make more money. If you missed this conference, you'll want to make sure to make Conference 2006 in Orlando! You won't be disappointed!”

  - Cory Edwards, CRW, CFRW, CWPP, CECC, CCMC, Partnering for Success

* * * * *

"Wow! What can I say - the conference in Vegas was just awesome. This was a very special time for me, meeting people I'd met at the New Orleans conference plus lots of new people too. We all have so much to learn from each other. The presentations were fabulous and each one of us will have learned something to introduce into our business and for our clients. I met so many wonderful people and I thank them for sharing their 'secrets'. Thanks again to everyone for making this conference awe-inspiring."

  - Carolyn Broomfield, CRW, CEIC, First Place Resumes, Australia

* * * * *

“The speakers and content were fantastic. Kendall's opening 4-hour presentation started the conference off with a BANG !! What valuable marketing information!!! It only got better from there. The mix was wonderful - from an interactive panel discussion to an informative presentation by Aussie Carolyn Broomfield. WOW !! I'm really looking forward to 2006 in Orlando.”

  - Deborah S. James, CCMC, CPRW, Leading Edge Resumes & Career Services

* * * * *

“After attending Vegas this year, I can honestly say that I have rarely participated in a conference where the sessions were so worthwhile (and this was probably my 30th conference).

I have attended the CDI <PRWRA> conference for the past four years. Not only have I had a wonderful time but, more importantly, I have greatly benefited from each experience.

What have I gained?

  • A lucrative relationship with a business for which I now subcontract.
  • Information that I have used in materials I have written for publication.
  • Invaluable tips on conducting my business.
  • Visibility and networking with peers whose expertise I value.
  • Ideas for presentations I have given.
  • The best client management tip I have ever received and which I have passed along to almost everyone I know.
  • A chance to meet colleagues whom I admire and very much wanted to share time with.
  • Materials, including a resume critique program, that I use almost daily to make my job easier.
  • Writing and grammar tips that I have shared with members of other associations.

And that's just a partial list.

Okay, I must admit I have had fun, too. The food has always been top notch and the accommodations have been superior. I have always felt a part of a bigger family of colleagues. I have even walked away each year with a suitcase full of door prizes and giveaways.

Congratulations to the whole conference team. I am already looking forward to Orlando in 2006.”  

  - Freddie Cheek, M.S. Ed., CCM, CPRW, CRW, CWDP, Cheek & Cristantello Career  


* * * * *

The conference was so stimulating, my head is bursting with ideas. Folks, start saving your pennies for next year. I think it was Grant who said, in an earlier email, that within a couple of months, he'll earn back the money he invested in the conference. That can be true of everyone. If you can put away just a little each week, you'll be able to afford conference costs without any burden.”

  - Ellen Mulqueen, MA, CRW, The Institute of Living

* * * * *

"The Las Vegas meeting was one of the very best and most informative I have had the pleasure to attend over the past three years.

I and my staff all learned much at this meeting. I personally formed two alliances and am working on a third alliance that I believe will handsomely reward all four of us.

It was also rewarding to learn new material and to be exposed to new ideas and ways of approaching problems. In addition to my alliances, I have returned with three implementable ideas that are being worked on at this writing.

Of course, as always, I had the wonderful opportunity to rekindle old friendships and to make a few new friends as well. Isn't that one of the heart, not head, reasons we attend these things anyway?

To all of those who did not attend, you REALLY missed some outstanding programs and ideas. See you in Orlando in October - 2006.”

  - Fred Coon, Chairman, CEO - Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Inc.

* * * * *

“Having attended conferences with four different career associations, I have to say, hands down, CDI <PRWRA> puts on the best show, from the awards to the food and content. It may not be the biggest, but I'm all for quality over quantity.

I recently entered my fifth year in business and I don't believe I could have made it this far without conference attendance. I learned a lot, and made some new friends along the way. I've never experienced a camaraderie in the workplace with colleagues as I have in this business, yet we compete for the same clients everyday.”

  - Susan Geary, 1st Rate Resumes, CMRW, CEIC, CPRW, CRW, 1st Rate Resumes

* * * * *

"How do we begin to say thank you for such a well-done job of organizing and running such an important conference! The food was so . . . good; the sessions were so . . .excellent. Especially, I value the time meeting long-time members and new members. Enthusiasm was contagious everywhere. The days went fast, and I was sorry when the conference ended.

The thanks just keep coming for you provided the inspiration. None of us will ever forget the Fremont Street Experience either."

  - Dr. G. Jay Christensen, PhD, CECC, CFRW, California State University, Northridge

* * * * *

“Fantastic conference and fantastic association. The dynamics of this organization is responsible for the really useful and fulfilling conference you presented. Sans politics, sans status seeking, I witnessed a group of folks sincerely interested in helping one another.”

  - Janice Worthington, MA, CPRW, CEIP, JCTC, Worthington Career Services

* * * * *

“Here's just another take on what turned out to be a superb conference! As VP of International Relations I was pleased to have not one but two international speakers agree to present at our Las Vegas Conference! Audrey Fields and Carolyn Broomfield did an outstanding job bringing an international flavour and prospective through their presentations. This truly sets us apart and enriches our membership with a worldwide prospective.”

  - Nicole Miller, CRW, CCM, CECC, IJCTC, Milroy Consultants

* * * * *

“I had the opportunity to attend the conference this year and have to echo the sentiments that so many of you shared already. I was delighted! I have attended several conferences all of them being much larger and wasn't sure if the quality would be the same with a smaller group. What a wonderful surprise! The smaller group format was excellent because the speakers were really able to personalize the material and our burning questions were answered with insight and depth. This was a new experience for me and I found the information to be extremely valuable and have already started to use it with my clients.

Congratulations on putting on a great conference!”

  - Heather Wieshlow - Turning Point Coaching and Consulting

* * * * *

“I have been in the resume business for 16 years and this is the first conference I have attended. What a wonderful experience! I learned something - usually many things - from each session and every single member I had the privilege of meeting.

My sincere thanks to President Laura, an inspiring leader, who made this career-boosting experience possible. I will see you all in Orlando in 2006!”

  - Nancy Rosenberg, MBA, A2Z Resumes

* * * * *

“This was my first conference and I learned so much and I intend on putting new strategies to work immediately. It was really nice meeting everyone and I enjoy belonging to a genuine, supportive organization. I am supercharged and ready for action.”

  – Abby Locke, CRW, CFRW, Premier Writing Solutions

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